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that little glimpse now and then



every now and then i get to see my Dan - the guy i married and had a family with-- now of course we all know dan is always ( literally) with me but today just like a few other times he was really with me.. We even talked about how nice it was to be clear headed and in the moment - i had him for about 2 hours before he wilted from being so tired.. doesent take long in stroke land... but i was so happy to see him..... of course it makes me think about the old life-- but as dan and i talked ( aphasia) we just kept reinforcing the --- This is not the life we planned but it can still be good, .... we have been doing some small things had a hospital supper last night ( fund raiser) and met up with some friends who were seated at the same table.. took a lot of planning to have dan ready - and he was alert and happy for the most part... of course the bathroom was as it always is a issue.. but we managed ....

today i went into walmart and our walmart is like everyones elses ( sorry fred) -- but man oh man the store was packed !! and like 5 out of 30 lanes open nothing stocked ... i had went there specifically for my silk soy mocha iced coffee - none was on the shelf... so i waited - i hollered into the refrigerated section ( mind you dan is out in the car - and i never leave him unattended to long in this crazy heat ) no body around .. finally me and a couple other people also wondering whee all the refrigerated stock was ddecided i should go in back - you know the area marked - employees only ... well they had my coffee and a ton of other stuff all palleted up... I didnt bother -- but as i was leaving a guy finally came in and said ... didnt you see the sign ( employees only) -- i said sure i did but after doing my jumping jacks trying to get attention i figured this was the sure fire way to get it ... he asked what it was i wanted i said - dont bother its gonna take forever to get it out - i checked... had a laugh with the other people out waiting for me- to see what would happen ... nothing --- i usually pay the extra and go across town at a little grocery store but the heat made me go to walmart... and unless you have ALL day our walmart is not the place to go... the price of progress , no one wants to or needs to work at walmart around here.. so help is hard to find.. good or bad.. in williston nd they dont even stock shelves anymore they just have everything on pallets and you do "dig" for your own product ... lol the big oil boom of ND yuck.... so note to self -- pay the extra and go elsewhere..lol

I remember when walmart first started going nation wide the big push was there will always be a lane open and american made, will rule... those promises where sure not kept... but unfortunatley it is us consumers more than anything that make those choices.. we choose to buy from over seas - other countries cause it is cheaper..... it is what it is - we created walmart ( this present day walmart) so now we reap what what we sow--- a walmart world...


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LOL, I had my Walmart experience today too Nancy. I had to go back to get Larry's prescription filled - again! I called before and they said they would get it ready. I got there and it wasn't quite ready so I shopped. I went back and stood behind a lady who needed a lot of help. I saw two people standing by the pharmacist not moving. Finally, after they saw two others behind me, the girl came out to help me. I go there because of the generic prescriptions being so cheap but it does take a lot of time - my whole time with my "helper" watching Larry!



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Nancy: It is always such a gift when we get those moments of pure lucidity. Bruce's eyes actually light up, so I have a clue and boy, when I see it, I sure run with it.


Had a meeting with our financial advisor - via phone and I put it on speaker so Bruce could hear us. I always write everything day anyway because as we go along, I have questions. Didn't take too long, but Bruce and I discussed it for an hour afterward. Me explaining to Bruce my thinking and Bruce actually asked for the quarterly statements to check something. Just makes your heart smile!


And I notice he naps a bit longer now that he is home alone in the mornings. His thinking process is expanding and yes, you are so right - wears him right out. But it is a positive tired.


I never cared for our Walmarts. The big super duper one is in a very questionable area and the other a bear to park - parking lot is on a hill. And as both you and Julie advise, I was never there without a long wait.


Good news on Dan, honey. Hope you are seeing to yourself as well. Debbie

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Nancy, you hit it on the nail. My daughter does not go in Walmart, she found some product on the sleve out of date, she told one of "the store manger", she said he did nothing, so she walked out, and has never walked back in. I go, just to get my pills, cost $4. We the consumer get what we pay for, I get my food from Publixes, which is clean, good food, good staff, always parking. Yes it is expensive, but it is worth it.



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Guest hostwill



Things will get better, I firmly believe that, Walmart workers are on strike demanding more money, so, it should be interesting to see how the Unions and Walmart execs handle this given the way the economy is. Good customer service is hard to find now-a days for sure, even in the military commissaries.



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