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broken ribs



well i chalk most pain up to nueropathy.... but this time Dan had broken ribs. Last week Dan had fallen at my daughters - well didnt listen and took himself down her driveway and tipped over his wheel chair... no complaints no harm no foul... took a few days but apparently there was a foul... he broke some ribs -- it took a bit of time for it to present ( kinda like when he fell in the shower in AZ) .. so here i have been saying nueropathy and the poor guy had broken ribs... but it wouldnt / didnt change any treatment.. But of course puts us on heightened alert of pneumonia . and we all ready know all our survivors are on alert now i have to really watch him... It literally always is "something".. but broken ribs has a "face" and nueropathy does not - so i guess in a wierd way ( very wierd i know) i am glad it has a face.. the pain he has had for the last several days... remember my previous blog - doing OK, dare i say it? well i should not have...LOL so lots of fluids and deep breathing for dan - but he is a good patient about things like deep breathing -- fluids not so much.... hmmm hmmm hmmmm... ( head shaking) .... Nancyl


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oh no, I'm so sorry he has to deal with this! Those are so painful, hopefully he won't get a cough while they are healing, as it hurts so bad to cough with broken ribs (keep sick people away!)

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So scary! Ray always seems to land on his head when he tips over (only a couple of times so far) guess I'm lucky he hasn't cracked his skull.


Glad to hear Dan is cooperating with the treatment at least. I know what you mean about being glad though. So good to have something "normal" wrong for a change.

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Please that Dan is doing well with the treatment. Broken ribs hurt! Younger had it, not fun at all. He is blessed that he has you. Take care.



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Wow Nancy,


Sorry he tipped over in his WC but accidents happen to many of us at times. I don't suppose he will be completely healed by time the snow is on the ground. So careful then for sure.


I have broken about everything else on my body including my collar bone and been shot but nothing since the stroke thank God.

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Wow, Nancy you sure have things thrown at you left and right. I hope Dan will recover fast and not be in so much pain. Larry has fallen several times and so far has only nicks & bruises on his arm. I hadn't thought about broken ribs. Larry is fearful of falling now and is almost too careful.


I hope Dan's recovery is without more trauma.


Take care,


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dear diary ( lol) another ER visit tonight-- trouble breathing again .. off his "feed" .. came home feeling better although little was done ( we had IV'd him at home") but the assurance that the "deep cough was just sorta bronchial and we did a neubulizer treatment on him.... I just am so tired of all the "HOOPLA" -- Debbie your word... !!! nancyl

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Yes honey - the Hoopla!. And Nancy with this allergy season even if he did not have allergies, he is feeling something. Bruce is sneezing all day. With the rib fracture, he can't clear if he is backed up. You did the right thing - difficulty breathing is first.


He felt better because the Neb treatment not only opened up his lungs, gave him a rush! LOL. I am sure it was just the inability to clear his lungs because fo the rib fractures. He has to get up! I mean upright. Standing. Not moving from bed to chair.


Nancy, my Mom had severe COPD. She was on low dose prednisone - making her little bones brittle. When she broke the ribs, we told every one she fell off a bar stool! Made for a laugh. Getting her to MOVE was horrid. She even wanted to use a bedpan rather than walk 10 steps to the commode. But you have to do whatever you need to get him to move. And yes, how special is that? Just add one more thing to your list. Debbie

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TRUE about the neubulizer treatment-- i told the ER maybe - i should just come and push dan through daily LOL.... he had a good day today --- we used a inhaler and did the incentive breathing - ate , drank ( sorta) , went on a date ( supper out) and home to bed LOL sure beats hanging out in bed all the time -- although we also have the 90+ temps with the humidity YUCK ...

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Guest hostwill


Nancy, sorry to hear about the broken ribs, three wheeler power chairs are notorious for that, my good friend flipped his over in the pasture and landed in a cow patty. his wife had to hose them down before, she would let him back in the house. LOL



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