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rainy day of bliss



life has been so much better now since im away from the ex my seizures have seemd to dissapear for longer periods tg im happier now working even harder onmy goals which includes my hand and wow i can now close my fingers when they r open im working on my walking distance and time im getting stronger everyday in everywayit helps alot when u have love and support bouncesmile.gif im driving im building web pages again im going out to places i missed u must live for the day for the moment for you never know when it will b gone when your in a situation to where u cant move or go out or even walk or even feed ur ownself and uhhhhg getting those nasty bed baths instead of a oh yes nice hot shower u miss the smaalest of things in life

so live ur life to the fullest live love peace and happiness r the keys

ok im rambling im off gleam.gif


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