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Dad's 88 years old



Friday, my dad had his 88th birthday and today we were able to get together as a family to celebrate his milestone. Went to the Pizza Ranch in Independence, where he lives as does my sister and her family. I live 28 miles away in Waterloo, Iowa. After the buffet we went to Marilyn's house for Angelfood cake and strawberries, a treat my mom would always make for dad on his birthday...Mom died in 1999.

H does great and looks great for a man of 88 years. Born on a farm and worked at Lockheed Airplane manufacturing when he and mom married back in 1942. He wasn't elegible to be in the army, due to a puntured ear he got as an infant with Scarlet Fever. So he moved to CA to "do his duty" by building airplanes for the war. My brother, Hal, was born in LA., then they moved back to Iowa. Dad built our house I grew up in, my sister was born while her twin sister was stillborn due to a horrible car accident. Dad was a self employed contractor and did carpentry all the time I knew him. He retired or slowed down a lot in his 60's and Mom and Dad kept busy square and round dancing up till the time Mom died of heart attack.

Golly, he's almost 90 and that's almost 100!

If I live to be 88 that's another 36 years...I need to get a life so I'm not so bored and feeling useless. What to do, what to do, what to do?


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