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A daughter I didn't give birth to....



My son's girlfriend (Jill) recently moved into our home.

She's from Texas...her parents are divorsed...neither wanted her...she wanted to move back to Iowa. For past year she's been living with a 'friend' (Jade) and her parents... Last week Jade went off the deep end and told Jill she had to move out by Jill's birthday, June 28. Jill has no family in Iowa and her parents don't support her..she's 17 now. Jesse, my son, asked us, Joe and me if Jill could move in with us. Joe said she could, no problem...except she has a male cat.. we havee 2 male cats already. Her Kitty is an outdoor cat so he's being kept in our garage at night and let out in day..thus he has fleas. My cats have fleas, too, but that's from fleas hitchhiking on our socks when we walk in the grass outside and coming in the house.


So, now, I have the daughter I never had..nor had to go through childbirth to get.

She's a sweet girl and seems to be good for Jesse. I like her. She 'fits' in our family great. Just another "J" to our "J" dominated family. silly.gif

BTW, they are not sexually active together....don't want to be Grandma, yet! biggrin.gif

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our house seems like that ...we have had several of our sons friends who have no where to live come live with us until they find other placeand job. Even my nephew and his pitbull puppy, (his mom lives close by but wouldn't help him)


My one son's girlfriend even moved in and finished school. they had been together 8 years before they finally got married.



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