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I want my two hours back



Last night I watched a movie on DVD. I want my 2 hours back I wasted waiting for a plot and something funny to happen or be said... The movie was Lemony Snickets A series of unfortunate events. or something like that. silly.gif


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Guess they should put a warning lable on movies like that smile.gif .


It's the same concept of when they made Encyclopedia Brown into a movie. If you haven't read and enjoyed the book series then the movie is a waste of time.



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i can't TELL you how many hours i want back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not just with movies. lets, see, the BIG one would be my first marriage. i figure that is approximately 69,120 hours wasted on that ALONE!!!!! and what about all of those accumulated hours at red lights or waiting in line. ?

the list goes on.



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we felt the same way---the only interesting looking parts of the movie were in the trailors....Thought it would be a series to look forward to like some others but it was a stinker!!!!!to high heaven! bop.gif

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