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Playing again!!!



For all of you who know my story you know that one of Mikes many talents was to play guitar and sing. He lost that gift when he had his stroke. The singing could be done with someone else playing the music for him but he always said he could not keep the rythem of the song if he wasn't picking the guitar. He use to be the manager of a small music store in our little town and he and the store owner are very close. Chad came to visit us a few weeks ago and made Mike a promise that he would learn to play 5 songs that Mike use to sing if Mike would come to a small get together at the store and sing. Well he was suppose to go yesterday but the guy that sets it all up has the flu so it was cancelled until next week. Mike was disappointed but tried not to show it as he always does. I had purchased Mike a small guitar earlier this year with him promising me that he would try to play at least once a week on it, as it was a little pricey and he only owns like 6 normal size guitars already but they were way too big for him to try and cord. He has tried to play it several times and the last time he tried maybe 3 months ago he finally made a G cord. Anyway last night he disappeared for about 10 minutes into the bedroom. I slowly went through to see if I could spy on him with out him knowing and he was practicing on the guitar. I came back to the kitchen and literally begged God to let him be able to make 2 or 3 chords. After about 5 more minutes he comes to the kitchen, guitar in hand and says watch this, He Played and sang my favorite song using 3 chords!!!! I was crying so hard I barely herd the words but it was like having an angel right there in my kitchen!!! He isn't as good as he use to be "yet" but he is getting there! He was sooooo happy! He said he would have never dreamed he could play again, now he knows all he has to do is continue practicing and he will get it back! He is so stoked and now knows that anything is possible through God and hard work! Just had to share this. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and please be safe this holiday season! Hugs and prayers to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Cindy :

so happy for u both & this made my day today. tell Mike to practice it every day if he really wants to play that guitar. I feel we always have brick wall in our path brick wall are not there to stop you, its there so that you know how badly you want things behind that brick wall. if you want badly enough you will find way to go around that brick wall.

I am so happy Mike found way around brick wall.


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that is so wonderful to hear -- this will really start to bolster mikes confidence and it gives him a hobby back... blessings !!! nancyl

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Cindy, wonderful news. great blessings for Mick,. See you just have to keep on pushing through! Keep us posted on how it goes with Mike playing at the store.


God bless



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Cindy, that story made me cry and I am not the crying type. So happy to hear this good news. They say music is healing so Mike has found a way to help him recover.


Hope you have a Merry Christmas



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Oh Cindy - just made my day. Bruce's Ovation was donated just today and it was such an emotional time for him. Like your Mike, tried not to show it.


I am so happy for both of you. You found a handle, honey! And bless his friend. You must blog about next weekend. Hugs and Kudos! Debbie

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Oh Cindy, what a wonderful answer to prayer. What a gift being able to play is, both to the one that plays the song on the guitar and those who listen. Hope the singing goes well also. Bless you both.

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Thank you all for you kind words and support. He is planning on doing a video when he gets the song down good and sending it to his daughter. When he does I will post it on here for you all to hear too. God has blessed us so much and I pray he blesses each one of you as well!

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Looks like Christmas came early for Mike and you, too! It takes time and a lot of work, but when those critical little things happen, we see how much something so seeminly small really makes a difference. Tell Mike for us all a big MERRY CHRISTMAS to you both! :)

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