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Ok Dan has come a long ways in so many ways.. But as we all know it doesent mean it is anywhere close to being at all able to be trusted.. He tries so hard.. But encounter tons of things everyday. Todays issue -- as the title says, Dont feed the dog licorice... Dan has a couple things he has regained soem enjoyment for. Licorice is one of them, but it is not good to feed a dog licorice. The prestroke Dan knew this as he knew animals better than most.. He could look at a cow and know if they were sick or healthy, he could hear them breath and know what what was wrong with them. He could fix most any animals ailment... We used jello as a scours remedy ( for baby calves who had diarrhea ) long before the market figured out the same thing... lol... the baby's loved the jello..LOL, but now i have to tell Dan the most basic of things like DON"T feed the dog licorice. We have had speech again, dan gave up therapies about 9 months ago.. But now he has agreed to give it another whirl. New therapist as the other one moved on to another job.. now dan has a young male, and seems to like him.. soooo, we will see. this therapist said that research has shown that actually "bursts" of therapy like what we are doing works well. few little adjustments.. any how -- Don't feed the dog licorice - goes or should go with out saying. But not here, here we have to constantly watch and make sure not just dan is safe, but loved ones ( including the animals) are as well.....


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A lot of things are incomprehensible to a person with brain damage. Ray did some really strange things from the 2007 stroke on but they are some of the memories I laugh now So laugh it off if you can.

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Well I guess Dan is going to be himself no matter what until the old Dan returns. I'm about the same way trying to remember certain things my wife told me twice

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LOL. You were at my house this evening! I am in the kitchen, cleaning up after dinner. I go into the Living room to pick up the last of the dishes and Kira is on the table, drinking from my water glass (yes, fortunately, it was just water) and Bruce is sitting there laughing!


He says to me "I told her NO." Nancy, I have not laughed like that in a very long time. Debbie

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Our youngest cat is also suddenly coming begging at the table when we eat dinner, and Ray is encouraging her like crazy. We've had her almost four years but this is new. And yes, cute. The pleasure these guys give us is worth whatever it costs to keep them around, that's for sure. At least cats are picky about what they eat!

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It's important to know if it's real (imported) licorice, or the American version which is flavored with anise. Anise is actually great for stomach distress.


Although I never found licorice of any type to cause diarrhea myself, I do know it is very bad for your blood pressure and can affect your heart. How do I know this? I remember draft dodgers (remember that archaic term?) eating a ton of licorice before going to their check in, so they would be declared unfit.

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Hi Nancy, You just got to smile and blame it on Mr. Stroke.my husband tell me something, and less then 2min, I go and do what he said not to do. Now he just laugh, and say"that why I love you baby"



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i do laught and the licorice is just the reg. old red twizzers, although with dans stomach getting him to poop would be a awesome plus... but the dog not so -- either way, neither the dog or the man had any issue... but still don't feed the dog licorice ...

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Nancy: you bring back such memories. Back in the poker days, during a Women's tournament, almost everyone brought in a package of Red Twizzlers. A lot of us were smokers, so to avoid leaving a hand or two, the Twizzlers did the trick until break.


No licorice for the dog - got it. Gave me a wonderful laugh for the day. Thank you.

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And don't fee them chocolate - also bad! Licorice was a favorite of Larry's and the black jellybeans. His most favorite is (was) chocolate covered cherries. He told his daughter at Thanksgiving not to give him those this year. He chokes on them now.



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chocolate, grapes , pickles, lots and lots of bad things for dogs -- there is a whole page of don't for dogs -- so i have to really pay attention to dan - he will simply throw it on the floor for the dog to eat, and the dog is a scavenger and just lays in wait for dan (LOL)... i have lots of ketchup stains on my floor--- luckily i have found a pretty "fair" remover for the carpets.... but both dan and the dog are quicker than me... !!!! lol..

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