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so i got to go to fargo today with april and weston and wade.. to keep an eye on weston so wade and april could visit with wades family as his dad is very ill ( prayers please). It was good being grandma, and for once being able to be of use outside of him coming to our house. and he was a very good boy.. i enjoyed my time... Dan was home with his other 2 daughters. it was a IV day anyhow so he usually just stays in bed as the fall risk with the IV and the port being damaged are scary and instant in results.. so we just prevent... anyhow.. i got 6 hours away - weston the 2 yr old seen to the fact i can't call it freedom (lol)...

we came home and dan was trying hard to talk - communicate with us. but i can not figure it out to save my soul.. and he is mad i was gone and mad i cant understand ........ seems like he wants to go somewhere ( and it is NOT the casino).... so now he won't talk to me, and is ignoring me.. NICE real NICE..... but i am confident tomorrow will be a better day... it better be, cause i dont think anyone can accept my resignation.... and now i have eaten to much sugar ( trying to stuff my frustrations i guess) and feel like crap... i am going to bed !!!!!!!!!!


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Nancy, it is that time of the year, HOLIDAY! before you went to bed did you have a glass of wine?


Tomorrow is another day, and it got to be better, Yes?



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I remember that feeling when you have a little bit of freedom and then you are back home and reality zaps you. As you say - another day tomorrow. For better, for worse, in sickness and in health.


(((hugs)) from Sue.

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Oh Nancy, sugar has always been my drug of choice. It is the only thing I have available to make my brain quit escalating. Well, Dan gets mad... sometimes even when you are there. It's just one of those bumps in the road. I'm glad you got to do some other kinda 'work' yesterday, I know it made you feel more like a real person. It is hard to jump from world to world, leaving our brains spinning..... perhaps we are tearing the time continuem(?) and then we have to try to sync back up with it.

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Nancy, my prayers are going up for blessings to come down from our heavenly Father whom has all control and power in His hands!


Take care please.

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Nancy: so glad you enjoyed your time away. I know Weston is busy, he's 2, but it was a good "busy" for you. He is beautiful by the way. What a charmer!


I am lucky in that while Bruce gets frustrated with communication, I can usually coddle him into continuing to use his protocols and try and mostly we get there. But sometimes it comes later, when not working so hard on it. Speech therapist used to make Bruce stop after 5 minutes - I do go longer than that. But words may come to Dan and hopefully he will share. Debbie

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