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hanging in there



for the moment we are doing OK... I was reflecting how i used to sit with heart in mouth - would dan take his pills today? will he eat today, and most important will he drink ANYTHING today ?? will he have a seizure? will he get out of bed? now although some of these issues linger they are not a daily occurrence . i lived for so long with adrenaline flowing that i feel like a deflated balloon now..... of course since we do have issues now and then i get a healthy reminder, and i am always waiting for the other shoe to drop ( can't seem to shake THAT feeling). i bought a new mattress for our adjustable bed - i bought one for my side first liked and then the following week i bought another for dans side. hopefully it preserves my back a bit longer, and dan of course i always worry about sores or whatever. it seems to be more comfortable than the "tempurpedic" material .... went back to the "old springs" type...


for really good luck i broke a tooth-- arghhh-- stress makes me grind my teeth at night - well that paid off ( lol)... no dentists have any openings so i have to wait till friday... hopefully it can just be pulled... shoulder shrug... and i literally adrenaline out the novacane they put in so it is not a easy thing going to the dentist... i wish they would bonk me on the head and take care of business.


Happy new year everyone - i hope everyones lives improve AND we continue to enjoy life, our families and our accomplishments.. In the land of stroke - "still being here IS a accomplishment ".....


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Happy new Year to you Nancy and Dan. Yes the land of stroke, takes us on a journey that leaves us tired, and shaking our head, not beleiving what is happening. Yet we made it, and it is a "'"great accomplishment".



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Ouch on the tooth! Keep on hanging on and do not drop the shoe! Good luck with the dentist and they defiantly can leave out the phrase painless. The beginning on a new year..... It can start out with joy and we can go from there ..... : )


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Nancy :


Happy New Year to you & stop living in fear of other shoe. I feel positive thoughts attract positivity in life



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Nancy: I was talking to Bruce's PCP about his recent falls. Basically she wanted to make sure he was not declining and needed to be seen before his next appointment. Then she said a very nice thing "I know how hard this is for you." I think it makes things easier when I get one acknowledgement of what it takes to live with stroke.


Happy New Year and please give Dan a big hug and kiss for me. Hang in there, Baby! Debbie

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