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gloves, shoes -POTATOES



Dan was getting up - as i was getting him ready he was indicating ( gesture) he wanted his shoes on.. He said gloves ( pretty good) i said shoes and started to grab them .... he laughed and said potatoes.....he is starting to see the humor of aphasia - not that it is funny we all know it is not. But to see him able to laugh at a funny situation is so nice to see.... are these posts 180 degrees from last year or what ??? last year and the year before was awful - terrible and heart wrenching.... this year so far much, much better... at least Dan and us in the family seemed to have found a bit of balance and acceptance. He is enjoying speech and looks forward to the therapist coming --- wow --.

i am still a little passive aggressive - i pushed dan around walmart before our sub zero temps and blizzard arrives, and there was a couple walking around.. they were very youngish and of very large girth, they really didnt make any effort to get out of our way I had to stop several times and move around them as we came around corners not easy ( dan pushing a cart and me pushing dan). and over and over we met up with them... i finally got our stuff paid for and the car loaded. and took the cart back into walmart - i admittedly was lazy and just pushed in the door. Well the couple was coming out and had to move about 2 inches out of the carts way and they started _ yippin, behind my back as they walked behind me.... ummm i dont think that cart belongs there, and giggleing ---- i ignored them till i heard the word "ninny" because i walk very fast ( part of wheelchair 101) i had gotten a distance from them but i turned around and came back around my van ( they couldnt see me) untill i came around the corner of the van and said - "ninny - hmmm , have you looked in the mirror" they obviously hadnt had anyone confront them cause they about died from shock and had nothing else "smart " to say I got in my van and backed in front of them - they had to stop short and their stuff fell out from under their cart.... oops . Passive aggressive yes, parking lot rage yes.... My one nephew is one of these types they , dont socialize much , play video games and get used to saying whatever comes to their head - so they truly get shocked to realize that people are real and some times talk back....


catch me on the wrong day and oops - "you caught me on the wrong day" nancyl


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I used to get annoyed at the individual until recently, thinking the person was an inconsiderate jerk. But I became aware that it's more the way of a new generation and most people have a very "me,me,me" attitude. Empathy is a virtue of a dying breed--which is one of the many reasons your daughter and her young man friend are so special.


Most of the time my speech is okay now, even if a little slow and I may need to really think to find a word but every now and then a real doozy slips out in place of the one I intended--and you're right--it often is funny! It's nice when things settle down enough that some things don't feel so Earth-shattering. :-)



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Smile and ignore them was my policy when pushing Ray through crowds in shopping centres. It is a sad world when we see young people so undereducated about strokes and other illnesses and so lacking in compassion. I hope karma catches up with them one day, which I am sure it will.


Love the words: "gloves, shoes Potatoes" seeing your love with a big smile and a twinkle in his eye can make such a difference to your day.

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All I can say is their parents did not raise them right. They should not only have gotten out of your way but offered to help.


I'm happy for you and Dan now that things are going better.



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You made me think of the first few months Bob was home and got stuck on potatoes, when he meant something else! We did laugh a lot over it.


I've had times when people would be sick and I didn't want to keep dealing with passing them, or trolling behind them, eating all their germs. I would go to the opposite end of the rows and work my way back, so I wasn't stuck with them all the way thru. Hate that. Anytime for any reason, don't stay in the ailse with people who are driving you crazy, because they will!


I'm glad you got a laugh out of Dan :)

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In walmart ( which i generally avoid like the plague ) it is virtually impossible to avoid anyone.... and we have a lot of out of staters moving in complicating everything..... in our city the population is going to GROW by about 30 % in the next 2 years.... and most have no idea how cold - cold is-... but in the next 3 days they are gonna find out projected -70 with the windchill...... cold ---- even my teenagers avoid walmart and tried to shop at 2 am - nope freaks are out then and crowded to boot.... i go to walmart maybe once a month --- usually i will just pay mora and buy at the local grocery store and overpay for papertowels ... but i needed attends for dan and only walmart carries them here...... i digress out of boredom...lol locked in the house for the next couple days..... dans word after the stroke for about a year is SPOON -- everything and everyone was a spoon for months... even now if he see's a picture of a spoon it will cause his mind to just get stuck on spoon...... so bear with me people -- i will be crazy for the next couple days in this frozen tundra called ND nancyl

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Nancy: I agree with everyone, especially Jamie. I find it with my younger co-workers. Everything is about them. Let their children work in my area and don't clean up after them. If I say anything, the answer is "well, I have to bring them because I don't have day care, etc." What does that have to do with cleaning up? It had been difficult communicating with them until I figured that out.


I am glad Dan is finally accepting some of the problems with aphasia. Bruce and I laugh daily about some of his wording. But as you know, it gets better when the frustration relieves. It is great when he and Mary Beth are having a conversation and then I hear them both burst out laughing. Dan will also get more comfortable as time goes on.


Stay warm, honey. Very nasty winter. Debbie

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Yowl! that sounds awful! SoooooOOoOooOo cold! Actually, I do that at any store I go to. If I so much as smell a cough drop I divert and go to the other end to go down the ailses, till I catch up with where I left off.


Bob used to say BEAM a lot, particularly about the bathroom. If he says it now, I know he is really down the tube, sick or exhausted.

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Hi Nancy, not all young people, are like the ones you had your little "chat' in Walmark parking lot. Come on Nancy, some of the people at Walmark are not that smart.


That care, be safe, keep warm, try not to go too crazy, been inside.



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