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got home in time to "catch the cold"



so we avoided the negative 50 windchills by leaving , but both of us managed to catch colds..... pretty sure not a "flu" no fever, or body aches.. so probably just a cold... first me then dan... finally convinced him to get out of bed and shower.... and straight back to bed he went ... exhausted - but at least he is sleeping ok, and doesent sound terrible.... we had our flu shots.... and i can function ( barley)-- mostly my tooth i had the crown prep done yesterday and man today does it ache.... i can take a pain pill but yuck , you loose a day to those..... so i thought i would write another blog and whine a little ( LOL) hope every one is "faring ok"... nancyl


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Sorry to hear you and Dan don't feel well. So far Larry and I are good but we went to a Dr's office today so hope we didn't pick up something there. Larry always needs his nap and me too. lol



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Hope today is better for you two! We went to Ray's doctor last week and I told Ray, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING! We sat in the waiting room with our arms crossed. I was so careful, especially because there were tons of kids there, then what does he insist on after? Wendy's fast food, it is a miracle we didn't catch anything that day. Although I have been feeling VERY tired the last few days, like I can't keep my eyes open.....I hate the winter and all the germs out there. I'm just waiting for my new doctor office to open this morning, think it's time for some bloodwork!

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Sorry you both got a cold. Here in Florida the weather is up and down. This morning it was cool, now it is getting warmer. Yet a cold front is coming tonight. My daughter, is fighting with the grandkids to get them to wear jackets!



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Such a tough time of year and this year will take the cake - for sure. Polar Vortex - yes it is the "term" of the year = bite me.


All of us know we do not get sick because of the weather. Hand-washing! A Nurse's mantra. And trust me, Nancy is the Queen of clean! LOL - Disinfecting Wipe Queen! However, as a child of the 70's, trust me. Mother Nature is going to win every single time.


Nancy, you have to rest and hydrate. I know Dan is taken care of. I only hope someone is tending to Nancy. Please do heed Julie - naps. Whine on honey, we're here. LOL. Debbie

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oh god you remember the wipes---- yes we still got them ---EVERYWHERE--- i never used to be this way -- as you said mother nature wins and working in a jail i was exposed to plenty..... but good old dan - has this compulsion to clean everything -- and if i dont supply a wipe for him to do it with --- then he will wipe the table or chair or whatever and then lick his hands..... ughhhhh..... my prestroke dan would have a heart attack... so like all us survivors and caretakers i have evolved to TRY and anticipate.... but that darn mother nature does win, whether it be disease, stroke, weather, or human nature - affected by stroke..........................................

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Stay strong you two it shall pass in due time and have the Vet check your two dogs too! I did with my little dog being around me all day and half the night right beside my bed checking on me!

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