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i think my arm is waking up



Yesterday my arm was feeling weird. I had a headache the entire day and my arm just felt weird. It felt the way it feels before I have a seizure. When I have a seizure most of the time I can remember my arm (the affected one) moving uncontrollably. Either it suddenly starts to rise up or it starts jerking like Im trying to hit someone but something is pushing my arm back down. I was pretty scared all day but I eventually fell asleep.


Well today I swear I had my wrist support on all day. My arm just felt irritated. Im so used to it being bent that it has never really bothered me but for some reason it is starting to bother me! I was in the store with my dad and I told him "look my arm is straight." It was like it was painful for my arm to be bent like it usually is. Even as my dad and I sat at the waffle house for breakfast, I tried to straighten my arm out under the table. As we rode in the car my arm kept feeling tingly and I kept straightening it. I looked at my wrist and I didnt have to try to straighten it because it was already resting semi-straight on my thigh.


When I got back home I realized I did not have my wrist support on all day. This is not good of course because that means my wrist has been bent all day BUT it also means I have been straightening my elbow all day even with my wrist and fingers contracted which is something that has always been near impossible and caused painful spasms before.


Earlier when I took off my jacket and realized I didnt have on my wrist support, I tried to straighten my wrist by thinking about it. I could not believe it when my thumb and fingers opened a little as I twisted my forearm to turn my palm up. I cried for a second because I was so happy. Its like the e-stim, exercising, wearing the splint, and using my hand everyday is finally working. Im not playing the piano like kathy spencer but I have movement AND Im using my arm everyday. It is a great feeling and I think this is only the beginning :-)


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wow Katrina :


great news your post gives hope to so many of us who have lost that faith & don't do anything with our affected hand. so I am glad since you never quit on it & keep on working on it, it is finally waking up, start using it more



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