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good days



Thanks you guys. exercise really does help. I went back to the gym this morning. The guy that did my assessment spoke to me and remembered my name. Seniors Yoga really made me feel good about myself. My instructor helped me a lot and told me to be patient and put me in a pose I could hold when the class did exercises that were too difficult for me. One lady told me I did a really good job and she thought I did a great job just being there and trying. :-) One of the things we did was visualize our movements after we did them. The lady that commended me on my effort shared a phrase that she used to tell her students. It went something like "If you can perceive it, believe you can achieve it. Basically if you think you can, you can! I did some things I did not know I could do. I tried to keep the rolled up towel in my hand with my wrist support on.


After yoga, I did my workout plan. My favorite thing to do is the nustep machine since it straightens my arm all the way. I also like working on side stepping over the hurdles and stepping up and standing on 1 foot because it really helps with my balance. I seen a man walking the indoor track with a big plastic AFO like the one I used to wear. There was a lady walking behind him with a crutch. She told me he had 2 strokes. He was walking really slow and his hand was in a fist. It just made me realize wow I have come really far. To think that I used to be like him and now today I am rolling on the floor without my brace doing yoga really made me feel accomplished.


I also drove around more today. I stopped by campus and hung out with a friend from college (which is on the other side of town). I know I complain a lot when bad things happen so I just wanted to make this entry because I am very thankful that I slept peacefully through the night, made progress at the gym, and drove around today without getting in an accident. Its so easy to vent and complain when things go wrong but a lot of things went right today so I am thankful that my life is not 1 big nightmare even though it feels like it sometimes.


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Katrina :


I am so glad you posted positive things about your life too. I am big believer in positive thinking. I like to post positive things about my life cause I feel when I post good things about my life it doubles my joy & I don't take them for granted & get to enjoy them more. I feel sometimes in fast pace of life you take too many simple things for granted I know I did that prestroke. not going to do that again so I am more into posting good things about my life.


I am so happy for you keep those exercises going it will make you feel better.



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Guest hostwill



Great post. i agree the nu-step is the best machine out there for regaining back what we lost. I bought one and my stroke support group had many of them Keep the positive attitude, your posts will encourage others.


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