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It's been a while...



My participation on the site has been less and less and nearly non existent in blogs. A lot has gone on since I last blogged and I've been busy trying to keep up and keep sane!


Our roof has been leaking for three years. Of course over those three years it steadily got worse and Dad and Aunt (owners of house) wouldn't fix it. So, finally the rain soaked ceiling in my bedroom fell on my head. I was fine--but with the ceiling gone there was nothing to stop the rain and I had to wear rain gear in there when it rained. Thinking about it I can laugh now, but I wasn't laughing then. a few weeks later the same thing happened in the bathroom...including me being in there when the ceiling fell...I was still fine but was thinking that if God was trying to get my attention maybe he wouldn't mind trying something that didn't involve dropping stuff on my head! So during this time I was spending some time when possible at my mother's house. Mom doesn't have internet service so I was offline at those times. Good news! Dad and Aunt finally decided to get the roof fixed and on the day the roofer was to start, we had 45 mile per hour winds and 23 degrees so he couldn't start. Then we had a whole week of rain and wind. So I went to Mom's again. Finally the roof got started but on the second day of work we had 5 inches of snow and another six inches the following week! At this point, even I was laughing at our luck--sometimes. Anyway, the roofers have about one more day of work before it's done.


In the meantime, though I was managing some things needed to be fine tuned so life was more than just manageable. A lot of that is done now and some more is scheduled to be done.


I am seeing more posts and blogs about foot pain and I've been having quite a bit of that myself. Sometimes I can barely stand it. For me, thankfully, it's happening less frequently though it's very intense and painful when it does happen. Otherwise, I'm still chuggin' along. I'm having more MS weakness and some days walking is difficult as is fine control of my arms. Difficult, but so far doable. Mostly it's frustrating.


Life lately has sure not been boring but slowly but surely things are falling (or being shoved) into place. Good. I think I can stand some "boring" for a while.




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Guest hostwill



glad you blogged, i'm glad to hear the roof is fixed and you can be bored and dry as well. hopefully, there will be sunnier days ahead.


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Jamie thanks for the check in -- i have wondered about you -- good golly miss molly -- the roof fell on your head , how many people can say that ? wow - glad your back ... nancyl

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I know, right, Will? I if I've got to be bored it's better to e dry too! lol


Nancy, I hope not many but all things being equal, I'd rather my claim to fame be for something else! lol

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Jamie :


glad you blogged I wondered about you. I guess foot problem is in season, I myself am battling it & praying it will go away soon.



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The roofer isn't but once the roof is on, someone else is doing the ceilings. Today I woke to another discovery. The roofer left a part of the roof uncovered and my room was like an aviary! LOL So, since today is Sunday, I just closed my door and let them have that room. I'm picking my battles and this one is easily contained....for now!

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Really, all I can say is WOW and then WOW again! That is a boatload of stress you got there. Literally and figuratively! :) Takes "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" to a whole new meaning. Sadly, in this case it was snowflakes as well. Good news--you'll get a new roof and ceiling for all your trouble. Maybe you can convince dad and aunt to do an entire remodel of your room? Well, one can dream, right?


I have been thinking of you so am glad for an update, although not at all glad for the trouble you've been having. Take good care. ~~Donna

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