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We finally had a few days when the weather was good enough that the men could finish the roof. It's all done. No rain and snow inside, no cold air blowing in and no birds in my room! lol Dad still gripes about the weather but I just remind him that the worst of it is outside where it belongs. I feel much better having that problem solved.


I have some friends who live across the street who really enjoy my cooking and baking. They're craving Key Lime Pie. I make enough for them to freeze and in return they take me out somewhere. It does me such good to get out for a bit of distraction and conversation. So, tomorrow night we're going out to dinner and shopping for pie supplies/ingredients and Thursday I'll make their pies.


My brother's wife has been having serious health issues and I promised him a few meals for his freezer too so I'll probably get the things I need for that too and get it done at the same time as the pies. I have some new recipes I want to try. Maybe not right away though.


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That is good news about he roof! This winter has been too crazy! Ready for it to be done. Key Lime Pie sounds good, and it' s nice that you are helping your brother and sil. Key Lime Pie hmm... Kinda reminds me of summer time. Can you change the weather while your at it?


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I begged cookies off of colleen, how about a pie from you... just kidding - i am not much of a baker - i cook so-so as dan says but to be a baker requires talent.. as terry requests, can you change the weather --please---?? !! nancyl

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Ha! If I could do anything about the weather you can bet it would have been done a long time ago! But just in case God ever leaves me in charge of the weather; How's 75 degrees and sunny everyday?! On second thought maybe I should stick to baking pies.:)

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Good news on the roof. One less stressor for you.


I do wish I could bake. I did pretty well under supervision LOL at Christmas time, but I am a pie lover myself. Great deal with the neighbors. Enjoy your dinner and your outing. This time of year I know it is a treat.

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I don't know how you kept from going insane with the roof and weather coming in on top of you. I'm so glad you are out of that mess! You are such a determined strong lady, kudos!

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Thanks Sandy. I doubt I'll ever be able to take a roof for granted again. I'm with you! I'm glad that mess is over.

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