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Fun With Aphasia



Aphasia is a horrible thing, not only for the victim, but for the ones who care for them. I just don't understand how everything gets so mixed up in the brain. Mom says some really off the wall things. On good days, she can say quite a few whole sentences that make sense. Today was an ok day, but I just wanted to share some of the things she says. I got my hair-cut last night and usually she notices something different. She hadn't said anything about it, so I asked her, "Do you see anything different about me?". She looked and smiled, "Oh, your lipstick." I said, "Look, I got my hair cut!" To which she replied, "I know, that's what I said."


Later on, as we were eating lunch, she pointed to her cup of tea and said, "Go ask the older children to put more onions in this." I asked, "Do you want more hot water in your tea?" and she said, "yes, please, just a little".


I am so happy on a day like this when I can figure out what she's saying and I usually can. It makes me sad when people act like she's crazy when she says things like this. But because most of the staff have heard me communicating with her like this, they have learned to do the same.


Today she finished her antibiotic and tonight her iv will be finished also. I have asked that they bring her lunch to her room from now on. She eats in the big dining room for breakfast and the little dining room for supper. It was ok in the dining room for lunch, but because I like to visit with other residents and staff, it was a little hard for mom. Alot of noise really makes her anxious, auditory overload, and she couldn't hear me, and I couldn't make out what she was saying. In her room, it's just her and I, she is relaxed and we have great conversations.


Today was a good day and yet when I layed her down for a rest, she said, "I'll do this now, but I want to go home, do you hear me?" It breaks my heart when that happens, but after she has slept for even a little while, she's all over it. I think when she gets tired, it's just hard to think. Makes sense, because I can't even think straight when I'm tired.


So all in all, pretty good day. I was so glad for chat last night. It's just nice to be in touch with others that understand. I told one of the residents at the home about this site. She is young (60's) and had a stroke before Thanksgiving. She is going home on Friday and has alot of questions. So I told her about us, hopefully she'll hook up.


Hope everyone is staying warm, I'm not. So ready for Spring.


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Joni: I was going to blog about this myself tonight. Two of Bruce's closest friends checked in with us today and both of them challenge his aphasia the best. It is so difficult, as you know, to be the only one who is paying attention to this most of the time. But the more they talk and interact, the better it gets.


Bruce is quoting literature tonight and explaining about friend's oral surgery. Laughing, just enjoying, sharing with me. Yes, he made mistakes and was frustrated at forgetting an author, but all in all, even with the frustration, so good to see.


Glad to hear the antibiotic and IV are done for now. Already a difference in Mom, now that she is feeling better.


Chat was fun last night. I also shared this site with the folks at Bruce's Outpatient Rehab and my patients and families at my SNF.


Bruce's Speech Therapist told me very early on that Bruce would develop his own vocabulary. There was no right or wrong, just what worked. Fortunately those that really love us and are willing to contribute, signed right up and work with him.


Good day. Now to Spring! Is it coming? Debbie

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Dan has some real doozies to , but mostly family can understand - i always tell people trust his gesture not the word....I am so glad your mom is feeling better !!!

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