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Frustrated with doctor



The last time I posted, which has been almost 2 months, mom still had bacteria in her ur ine. but they were not treating it. We had an appt. with a urologist on Jan. 8th. Before we went there, she had an ultrasound of her bladder done . A week later, when we actually visited the dr., she had a ct scan and he also st. cath'd her for a UA C&S. I was there when he did it and the urine was dark and cloudy and the last bit was thick and white. He said that just may be because she doesn't drink enough .The home didn't hear anything back from him and I dropped the ball, I should have been on top of this.


So this morning, I got a call from the RN at the home. The urologist had called, and mom has an infection. She had 2 different kinds of bacteria and he was going to treat her with penicillin, but she is allergic. So he had the nurse get another specimen and they won't have results until Monday. I am so upset. Why would it take 3 weeks to get this information?


Yesterday when I visited mom, she was at the table at noon, sleeping in her w/c. I woke her up and she said she wasn't hungry. I told the nurse and the aides to not take her to the dining room when she's like that, if she's tired, just let her sleep. I layed her down in her bed, and she fell asleep right away. She slept the whole 2 hrs. I was there. Today I took food in, hoping that would whet her appetite. She was in bed and sleeping. I woke her and she said she would eat. So I put the soup and sandwich in front of her. She took 2 or 3 bites and then she fell asleep. Again she slept most of the time. She did get up once and used the bathroom and went right back to bed. So she has been sleeping alot.



When I got home, I called the urologist, but they had left the office at 12 and won't be in until Monday morning. I just feel so frustrated. Does anyone else think this is strange, that it would take 3 weeks to call. So I'm just trying to calm myself down, there's nothing I can do about it until Monday now.


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I am so sorry --- the ineptness of this all is so frusterating - and not to fuel your fire -but why isent the bursing home doing the follow up ( i know it is obvious they are not much more on the ball than the doc but cheez - they are getting paid and it is kinda the whole point) ..... the nursing home after having not been taking good care of mom should have been all over this .......... so on monday raise some caine !! with both places AND speaking from the whole chronic UTI experience look inot more hydertion for mom. via a port like dan has, a regular IV or what ever and try to get this washed out of her in combination with the antibiotics..... if you can get mom washed out - fully hyderated and the bugs killed from the UTI perhaps mom will feel better, eat better, drink better and can, then "take off" and move forward again.... this is pitiful treatment and although i would love to blow smoke and try to "defend" - i cant' defend when the ineptness is to obvious .... hang tough !!!!

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Agree on the above post from Nancy. I would raise "holy h..."!


So sorry your mom is going through all this. Hope she will improve and they will take good care of her. You are a blessing to her.



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and another thought i have debbie help me out - the whole point to obama care - part of it is the info sharing- meaning if i go to clinic A) to see my urologist but to clinic B) for diabetes care - and i have issues that would require me to go to the ER - the ER should be able to gain access to both those medical records within seconds ... It is one of the reasons small clinics and hospitals are having to consolidate with large entities ( medical facilities) to have thse information sharing syestems ( epic ) is used as the data base in our area but i am given the impression that there is only two systems nationwide - both our Unaffiliatd clinics and our hospital have to use it ---- it is one of the few good things that came out of obamacare...... now i may be wrong about the paticulars with this but i'm pretty sure i am generally correct...... whih means your mom could be taken to a hospital, and the docs should be able to figure out what she needs - should the need arise.... Debbie if i am wrong - correct me please ( or anyone else for that matter) ..nancyl

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No Nancy, you are right on. The thing is having to always be the advocate. And Joni, you are carrying so much right now. One learns, as time goes on, that nothing can be taken for granted. Bruce had blood work yesterday, I am E-mailed the results, by request. I was on the phone to the Doctor at Noon. But I do this every day, all day. Whether it is my Patients or my Bruce.


Joni: the first 24 hours tells the doctor if Mom has an infection. The next 48 hours tells the doctor what will work on Mom's infection. With all the discussion lately of over-dosing antibiotics, it does make sense to wait for the 3 day results. But think of the amount of paperwork passing the doctor's desk, something is bound to be forgotten.


Uro should have called you. The Nursing home is not first on his list. So that being said, we go from here. Monday morning you are on the phone by 10am to the Uro. What are the results of the new urine specimen. If they don't have it yet, you want them to call. At noon, has the Nursing home heard from the Uro, if not you call again.


Joni - I am so sorry, but all this follow up is imperative. You don't have to be angry or aggressive. If you make enough phone calls, the message is there. For this weekend - you push fluids and get Mom up and walking best you can. Just transferring to a chair or toilet is fine. But you have to push her.Weekend on-call will not order a broad spectrim antibiotic for three days, so push fluids and get her moving. Monday morning you get on the phone and you keep calling back until you get results. Know I am thinking of you and Mom. Debbie

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Wow... I just came back to read the new notes here and see my original post here is missing. I don't know why this keeps happening, but it affecting my posting, as it seems pointless to try. I will try again. If you mom is not eating or drinking, they had better give her IV or she will be worse by Monday. Look what happened to Nancy's Dan when he wasn't drinking.

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