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Up and down, as usual



Once again, it's been almost 2 months since I've posted anything. Not much has changed, still up and down. Mom had a UTI since July. She had several courses of Macrobid and everytime they rechecked it was still there. So last time (about 3 weeks ago) they tried Gentamycin IV . When they rechecked it showed she had a colonization of another bacteria - Prodius, I think. They are only treating her with cranberry capsules, we'll see.


I guess since I have posted last mom was in the hospital. My sister-in-law came to visit on a Friday, stayed 4 hrs., brought cds of my brother in hospice and funeral. She said she didn't show them to her, I don't know for sure. Saturday I came in and she was there again. She told mom my brother had died, mom was crying and saying, "Oh no", quite upset. I finally had to ask her to leave. She did, but not before arguing with me ( in front of mom) that mom deserved to know the truth. I think I have told you that whenever mom asked about Dale, i told her he was very sick and went to heaven. Sunday night the home called and said they were sending mom to the hospital in an ambulance, it was midnight. So Earl and I got up and went right to the hospital. Mom had gone into a-fib and it took until 4 am to get her stabilized. She was there 2 days. They also found she still had the uti and may have had a slight heart attack. It was a very upsetting couple of days.


When she came back from the hospital, she was on Amiodarone. Since then she has been quite lethargic and wants to sleep most of the time. She had an appt. with the cardiologist, but it was cancelled. It is so hard to get in touch with the drs. and then to have them listen to you. I think maybe she needs to have her antidepressant increased or start a different one. It's just very frustrating, which you all know. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm sure very busy going into Christmas.


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So sorry about everything... family can be so frustrating nad moms news IUT's and now a heart issue - whoa.. hopefully it settles for just a bit...you need a breath or two.. nancyl

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Joni: so glad you checked in. I am sorry for Mom's health issues of late. I do pray she is on the mend and your family can enjoy some holiday time.


I am surprised by your sister-in-law. I just can't figure out what she thought the purpose of all that was. I am so sorry for the upset it caused your Mom. No good come have come out of that and it is too bad she took it upon herself to decide how to approach your Mom.


Know you are in my thoughts. Debbie

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Joni, I guess your Mom had to know eventually but the timing could have been better. Anything that happens for at least a little while you can put down to her expressing her grief. I know depression can set in so watch for the signs. Hope she can still find some purpose in life.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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Joni, Mom is in my prayers. I pray it calms down, what with the holiday's coming.


What was sister-in=law thinking? She was not thinking! There is a way of teling people sad news, you need that gentle touch when the person is feeling to well. It call useing common sense!


Prayers for the whole family



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