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stomach bug = LAUNDRY and MORE laundry and more YET...



yep, a full fledged diarrhea bug has hit us ( dan) -- i am so glad for all the extras i have purchased --- wow... loads and loads of laundry. and now his bottom is so sore.. grrrrr... but it is what it is.... he was so embarrassed and kept saying just want to die ... and cried ... and i cried cause he cried.. it is so hard to see his "shame" - but later we just kept reinforcing that SH-T happens. so we just deal with it and move on.. I am thankful he is hooked up to the IV at least dehyderation isent one problem i have to contend with.... we will move through this and on to the "next" - "challenge"..... which is probably the culprit of his issue.. where ever we go he has to wipe ( with his hand if i dont get wet wipe out in time) - and then he licks his hand --- it is a instinctual thing and i am always trying to be in front of it but he immediately starts this behavior where ever we are. ( colleen ) has seen it and now sara from AZ got to as well..... so it is a wonder he doesent pick up more "bugs"..... STROKE LIFE is interesting at the very least... providing you CAN wake your self up enough at 2 am , 4am , 6am ,8 m and 10 am to do total wash up's and bedding changes...... I am about fall over dead tired and so is dan... well hopefully the bug runs it's course and tomorrow is a less "shi-ty" day.... i dont believe in stopping the diarrhea since it needs to get "out" but if he still having issues in 24 hrs i will give immodium. here is to "better , at least sunnier days" -- nancyl


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So sorry Nancy. You have enough to contend with as it is. It sounds like you are both "pooped out".


Praying for it to get better.



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I'm fighting Ray's new Medicare Part D to get his real Depakote prescription re-issued and not being forced to take the generic. I learned the hard way this time last year that Ray's intestines do not like that version, not one bit. And since I'm the one that has to clean it up, I'm the one that has been frantically calling and faxing their grievance dept trying to get it worked out. Thought it was the doctors responsibility, but they change the rules as it goes along .Oh man, hoping it comes through before it's too late....,.

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Nancy: so sorry about the diarrhea. Just one more thing.


Bruce does have some of the same issues. I think it is accepting that he only has one hand that is functioning and that hand has to be ready to go.


I noticed it first with meal preparation. When he was marinating anything, would lick his fingers after the first ingredient. Now I am always right there. So as soon as the fingers went to the mouth, it was off to the sink for hand cleaning. Finally, after a long time, he understands that he has a wet towel for that purpose - no in the mouth. And I still do have to verbally remind him.


As to the bathroom. I know he is concerned as to underwear cleanliness but again it is always "don't touch anything." He knows I am on top of things, but BR is truly a personal thing - from the time we are little. It may be easier for me in that Bruce can not use the toilet himself, so I am always there and can offset the impulse immediately.


For me, it is just the constant verbal reminder to put NOTHING in your mouth.


Go easy. Know right where you are and what you are dealing with. Just rote, honey. One more thing. Debbie

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Nancy :


I am so sorry about Dan's diahhera, but you you got great attitude towards it, with caregivers like you us survivors are still here. hope you telling Dan how he might have picked up that bug will might make him stop do those silly things. praying for better days ahead



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Guest hostwill



Dan, is lucky to have you. I hope you have more pleasant days in the near future.


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had a reprieve yesterday from the bug but back again as soon as he ate something... he seems to feel ok other wise, no complaints of stomach pain.. so just waiting it out.... i sure do appreciate the fact we live in a generation we have washing machines....... can you imagine otherwise.... and the fact i tracked down the bedding pads i have been looking for Dr leonards is where they where at ( the catalog) i woulda never guessed --- those pads are the best... cotton on top and waterproof barrier on bottom cost about 20.00 each but worth every penny.... i bought the ones with the flaps to tuck under the mattress....

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I find something like that at Walmart. Not right with the disposable ones, but very close to them. I have 3 and always have one under the disposable one (and another disposable under the sheet, just incase....


I often think of my great grandmother whose husband had a stroke and had not control and they say she was mean to him (probably, and I bet he treated her awful her whole life too) ANYWAY, I think of her doing all the things we do with no washer, no dryer, no running water, no electric, no disposables.... argggg...

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Nancy: while I am not dealing with diarrhea right now, always the incontinence. And washing machine broke down yesterday morning. Fortunately they were able to send repairman in the afternoon and he replaced a switch. But like you, panicked for a bit there. The last time that happened, we had to wait two days for repairman and Jen and I were putting laundry outside on the deck. She came the day it was fixed and I think we did six loads.


One other tip with the bedding pads - Dan can actually stand on one of them - they do grip - if you have to do a quick wash up or don't need to put him in a shower. Also try not to put them in a dryer. Use a rack dryer if you can. The edges will roll when dried in a dryer and then they don't lie flat on the bed. Of course, right now, you probably need clean ones right away - but just a future thought. Go easy

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its - well it was 4:30 am ---- i have been up since 2:30 doing constant changes...... and washing ...... poor dan - has given up -- he just is mute and rolls back and forth when i ask him to so i can get him cleaned up, but even though i wash him up immediately , his bottom is really sore... i have some diaper rash cream from weston -- dans tummy just gurgles .. and explosion.... but i am hoping this is the end of it since it seems to be heading out the digestive tract.... if not later this AM his nurse will come and maybe will want to do a stool sample check to make sure we are not dealing with something worse..... i am pretty sure it is just a "run of the mill" but who knows, sure not me..... about the time Dan gets better, i will get sick of that i am sure... and right now i am needed by april and weston - daddy wade, fell in AZ , as some of you know his back was broke as a teenager and he has great difficulty walking so a sprained foot is really a problem, good thing i had a extra wheelchair and extra quad canes... ( only at my house) and a extra shower chair ( thanks to rummage sales) ... and my battery on my van ( yes my new van) has taken a poop on me.... the van is 9 months old- bu they put the cheapies in and this has not been a good winter- so i will call the dealer and have them take care of it.... but still that ties my van up, -- if it isent one thing it is another..... geez.... if i run out of pads i have decided garbage bag and towels , since dans getting the upperhand on the speed of laundry...... Life aint it a joy ???

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Nancy, I was just thinking, when we have the poopies, we don't eat but drink those ensure plus (but Walmart version) - I think they are supposed to NOT go thru the intestinal track. Although, I know you are dealing with a stubborn guy there, who doesn't always do what you would ask him to!

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today he is better - so far- but yesterday he somehow unprogrammed the remote ??? i called for customer support and we couldent get it to work, so a new one is being mailed to us... it is these little nuances in life - with a stroke that kinda get to you... not a big deal, but still how did he unprogram the remote to the point it cant be "fixed" ... weird.... everyday we encounter things like this. the brain is such a interesting "thing".... yes i am a little tired, but dan is doing OK.... nancyl

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