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turned down a invite with the daughters, but my choice



so april bought tickets for luke bryan ( country singer) and since everyone is kinda "sickly" around here it was a toss up between beth and i going. I although i wanted to spend time with april and erika it takes a lot out of me to go to a event like that. I do well up till about 11pm then i have got to go to bed... and i am sure it would be at least 1-2 am before we got home from fargo from the concert.... so in the end i convinced beth she should go, not to mention i want the girls to have "sister" memories...


I am hoping to have a glass of wine in a bit but i was stupid earlier and had a mocha frappe-- forgetting the fastfood places use icecream as their base... took much sugar.. even though i only drank 1/3 of a small one...


Like everyone else on this board I am so sick of winter---- sick, sick , sick of it... those days in AZ helping april with weston were so much fun !! and warm... I really am seriously thinking of spending time next winter in AZ - physically dan does better, and god i am so cold my bones shake so hard i hurt !! Dan was the outdoor- classic outdoorman - who took care of dead car batteries, changing tires, oil changes ,shoveling - anything that involved work outdoors . Now it is all on me, for the most part. but i wont whine to much, others on here are in the same boat- or worse ....


I am a bit overwhelmed with bills - man o man - every little thing is hitting all at once.. but again i wont "harp" on it - we are all in that boat ..


Dan continues to work on his speech, there is something about this guy who works with him - that dan really enjoys... His spirits lift so much when he hears Kyle is coming today..... something to look forward to.. it took a long time but dan finally can put the name Kyle together with the guy who comes for speech -- usually dan didnt totally understand WHO was coming until kyle walked in. Now Dan responds to the name Kyle.. so thats progress.. Tuesday we go in for a PT assessment and we will start working on the altra G . Since for the most part PT is done as far as insurance is concerned I will be the one getting him in and out of the altra G and coaching him.... but since dans mood will guide this - we will see how this goes.. I am not dragging him if he don't want to go.. Dan wins 100% of the time - well, the stroke wins 100% of the time.. we will both get a work out if he is ok with going to walk on this altra g- lol - i can use it, i guess....


well i dont have much more to talk about- an i have just gotten the - HEY- !!! from Dan...


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Looks and sounds like the girls had a good time, don't worry there will be plenty more concerts coming up before you know it.


So glad Dan is into his speech therapy, all it takes is someone he can relate to. Now fingers crossed for PT.

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Nancy: just just a long, long winter and looks like we are not through yet. Farmer's Almanac says to be a snowy March as well.


I know what you mean about late night outings. I have to admit I have adjusted to Bruce schedule. 4 am comes very early. I had to miss the birthday party - now I am sick. Bound to happen, I suppose. But so glad to hear Dan is on the mend.


Good news on the Speech Therapy. I get whatever I can for Bruce. It is the one area that I really see improvement in so many areas. Let us know about PT.


Stay warm and safe. Seems to be the mantra lately for all of us. Go easy.

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