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Hello everyone. Sorry I have been MIA. Turned out there was no surgery. All they did was take a biopsy and insert an IUD with medication. Everything went well and I am feeling better. Lately I have been having hot flashes again and headaches I see the doc tomorrow to check my thyroid meds.

My oldest son decided he did not have a mother anymore. Thank God my youngest is still my loving son. So, life goes on. We are moving again. This place was not what we needed though the garage was wonderful this winter. So we are looking again. The condo renovations are almost done and we should be ready to put it up for sale soon. Now, if we can find a place that is good for us, everything will be great. OMG. can`t believe we are moving again when I am still not recovered from the last one. Life is an adventure right?




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Good to hear your health issue was taken care of. Also, good luck with the move - I myself would hate the thought of moving again but maybe someday.......



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mc :


thanks for update I miss chatting with you on yahoo. hope you get that resolve soon. Sorry to hear about your older son, its his loss though I am glad you have Dan & Andre in your life. Oh my moving again good luck.



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MC thanks for the update, glad your medical problems are almost sorted out. Yes, I have the older son problem too, I am the world's worst mother. I suppose I just have to wear it and see how it goes. The other two, my daughter and my younger son, love me so two out of three.....sigh.



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Oh the adventures of moving --- yep i know them well...... hopefully your new home will be better, mine is... so one more move might do the trick for you to.... GOOD LUCK !!

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strokes take away a lot -- parenting is one of the casualties, my kids all feel like they don't get "enough" of me... and the youngest is gonna be my hardest... she is such a good girl and loving, but as of late very negative as teenagers can be... and although i try i can't seem to get myself to guide her through this stage of her life.... and if i don't then i am allowing her life to be even more damaged... If i say black she says white and things like that... she is not directly obstinant - she just is very negative and unhappy and is only seeing the underbelly of life.... I am really, really hoping this IS just a stage and not going to be a permanent part of her personality.. She has always been such a "bubbly, fun " kid... Ug.... I wish i had more time and "energy" - the kind of focus it takes to be a parent to a teenager.... hope i pull this off.... so yep children of stroke suffer in so many different ways... and so do their parents... we are all just doing the best we can... , as Sue said ........... sigh

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Please that your health is getting better. Sorry about the moving, it is hard,but harder if you are liveing somewhere that is making you unhappy. Iam liveing some where that is okay, but I am not going to get down. We lost our home when the great depression, which hit Florida hard. Now I am waithing for our Son to finish school, and who knowes where we be.



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