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Finally, spring is in the air though we still have cold days with a lot of wind but it is getting nicer. No more boots and winter coat is semi retired.


On april 4th, I had a car accident that retired my lovely Hyundai Accent so now on top of shopping for a new place to live (for June 1st) we are looking for a new car. On the bright side , my condo is almost ready to put up for sale. Renovations should be done by the end of the month. Yikes.


I was not hurt in the accident but the car was a write off. Thank God for that.


My parents are starting a new page in their life. They moved into a retirement resident today. A bittersweet experience for them but I know, at least my dad will be better there. Mom would too if she decided to join the world again. Its as if she decided to get off the boat and is just existing instead of living. Its too bad, she will be 80 in july, such a waste...


Thats it for my update for today. Happy spring everyone.




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Well, MC life and living is only what we make it be! Good, bad, or lovely, with the right partner I have learned for the past 16 years I have a lot to live for in this world!! So stroke or not I'm one happy man and husband these days!!


I got her, my cane, my scooter, and my SUV to haul my scooter where ever I travel so life is now the greatest I have ever known it could be!!


You'll get past the accident pretty soon and I'm glad you are not hurt or in a hospital suffering. Hope your condo sells as soon as it hit the market then you can decide what automobile you feel you want as a replacement vehicle.. Life is good for you like me so we just keep saying our prayers and living the best life we can and everything will work out along the way!! God is good all the time!!


Maybe your mom will change being in the retirement home you never know for sure!! We hope to stay put in the one we got and now it's paid off in full so just the up keep to be concerned with in the years ahead!!!


My wife is not ready to retire from the bank I think they will have to kick her out because she wants to work until age 70 something since I can take care of myself these days!! Who knows I may end up taking care of her one day...She sure took care of me and quit her job when I came home unable to walk and in a WC!!!


Happy times ahead for you!!!

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MC: so sorry about the accident, but relieved you were not hurt.


Big doings: house and car. I do not envy you - LOL. But exciting times as well.


I pray Mom and Dad will settle in nicely and with time Mom will come around. Some of the communities are just amazing. I have some brochures for Bruce and I if I ever have to consider that. Hopefully they will be able to participate in the activities and be able to get out and about in a safe environment.


Keep us posted honey and do take care. Debbie

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Fred and Debbie, thank you both for your comments. Apparently my Dad went over to the residence early this morning, had breakfast and lunch there and met some people. By the time my Mom and sister arrived he was in a good mood. I am going tomorrow so will update again.



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It is such a big job to move, are you downsizing or just a matter of changing location? I'm happy to hear you were not hurt, that's the last thing you'd need to have to bother with! I often wonder about the retirement village that had a condo for sale that Bob wouldn't even look at when we were looking for a new home. But, it would probably have been one of those places that expected you would have gotten rid of most of everything already - and I can' t say that would be true. My son says, "mom, sure you wouldn't have any upkeep/yard work, but the fees you'd pay would be higher than if you just hired someone there!" Don't know... would be nice to not have to think about it. I think the retirement village may be just the thing to bring your mom back out into the world.

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I went today and Dad was in a good mood. He loves talking to everyone. Mom... the jury is still out. She seemed in an ok mood but its hard to tell with her. She does not show her feelings. She does not talk to anyone. Just hope someone there will find a way to draw her out. Thank you for your comments everyone.



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Hello Mc, please that you was not hurt in the accident. My son haded a car accident last month like i told him, a car can be replaced but not you.

Your mom sounds like my mom, she came over with Dad, kicking and screaming! She complain about everything, yet she ate, when we took her to her sister's party, she was up and dacening, yet next day said she did not enjoy her self! Because of her moods, when I went over to England last year, I took her to the doctor, and after lots of tests, she has Alzheimers, and depression. have you taken her to the doctor?

I pray for her and Dad, and the whole family. Keep us posted



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HI MC I too am glad you were not hurt in the accident. And I do hope as you say that someone finds a way of befriending your Mom and helping her to settle in. It is the right move fro your Dad so I hope she can think of it as her home too.

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