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Hello Anyone! I had a stroke on August 16, 2013 at the age of 46. It left my whole left side flaccid. I now have movement, but the leg, arm and hand are not functional. Did 5 weeks in an acute rehab doing therapy. Two months of having physical and occupational therapy in home. Now have started outpatient therapy. I can walk very short distances with a quad cane.


Thank God the stroke never affected my speech, memory or cognitive skills.


I live in snowy Indiana with my husband of 20 years (May is our anniversary) and two daughters Trinity 15 and Victoria 11.


I am learning to "cope" and adjust better about my stroke, but I am home almost all of the time, except 2 times a week I go to therapy


I am very happy I found Strokenet! It felt so good to read other people's stories and see I was not alone!


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I am glad you found strokenet as well, it can get lonely - stroke survivor or caregiver- makes for a lot of loneliness . i have always worked outside the home and it was my "identity".. I was good at it.. now i am at home with little interaction with people outside of family.. yes i am the caregiver - i COULD get in the car and leave for a bit and have someone else watch dan. But for the most part i am hermatizing -- and in my new home i don't mind so much, but still i do mourne the loss of my old world... but it is what it is... and at least we are here to see another day..... -----Welcome to strokenet and you will find blogging to be "therapeutic" - you can see where you have been - so then you can see how far you have come !!!-- you will continue to improve....nancyl

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I'm so happy you found us as well. Just so you know, just because therapy stops doesn't mean your recovery ends there. Everyday you will improve and you can use some of the tip you learned in therapy to do at home. Being a mother is therapy everyday =)

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Welcome to our Blog Community. There are a lot of good people here who will support you in whatever way they can. Settle down and get to know everyone. Caregiver and survivor alike we all need that sense of belonging somewhere special.



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Tina :


welcome to best online stroke support group & hidden gem of this site which is blogging. first year or two is hardest for sure. but finding this site & blogging you will find very therapeutic for your soul. I stroked at age 34 in 2004 which left me paralyzed on my left side. Even though I had amazing support of friends & family, I still felt very alone & was so thankful when I found this site after 9 months. It was Godsend for me. I felt people on this site understood what I was going through in my life. Having young children & supporting husband will be great catalyst in your recovery. Our son was 7 at the time of my stroke & now he will be turning 17 in few days. Ifound blogging & chatting with other survivors very therapeutic for my soul. We do have chats every day afternoon from 3-4 EST & evening 8-9 EST. hope to bump into them soon. I feel more active you stay on this site it will help you more in your emotional state. BTW make sure to have routine in life that helped me big time getting out of my funk mood.


Asha(Now 43 year old survivor)

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Welcome to the site Tina! I am a caregiver to my husband who was 53 at the time of his stroke. He too had left side paralisis and could not use his leg, arm or hand at first. He now walks with a cane and is just now starting to work on walking with nothing. He still has lots of issues with his arm and hand but those are the hardest areas to get back because the brain can train your body to cope without them. You have to make your brain learn to use them again! Keep up the hard work exercise the arm and hand a LOT! The key is to keep them loosened up so that they don't get spastic and draw up on you! It takes a lot of work and dedication. Keeping you in my prayers and if you have any questions just ask there is always someone on here that has been through it whatever it may be!

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Thanks everyone for welcoming me to the web site! I have never blogged before, but felt so lonely and like no one truly understood what I was and still am going through, and then found this site. It has only been a few days and I can already tell it is therapeutic for my soul, like Asha said. I am a big "talker" and used to be a good typist--about 60 words per minute--but now all I can use is my first finger on my good right side so typing takes forever! But I am still so happy to be here!

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Welcome Tina. I had not blogged either when I came on this site. Keep coming back and letting us know how you are doing.


Julie, caregiver to spouse Larry, stroked 2/15/10

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Hello Tina, welcome to a great site with people who care about one another. This site was a god send for me, I was so loney. now I enjoy reading what is going on with other members life. Also look forward to the "chat room" Keep on posting



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Kudos to you for jumping in and starting blog! You will enjoy being a part of the blog community, another great thing to do here.

You are so right being here is therapeutic for your soul, I'm glad you have been blessed to see that.




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Tina, as a seven year stroke survivor I can tell you if you keep working at it, improvements do not stop coming. Many medical types will tell you after a few years improvement stops. Not so. However, you must keep working at it. Good luck and glad you are here!

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