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Hi again,


My daughter found 2 pictures of me in the hospital and a small video of me walking on her IPOD. She uploaded them to my Facebook page if anyone is interested in seeing them, my page is public and the name is Tina Trew Cornett.. I hope that is okay to put here, I am not promoting anything and I would post it here, but I am not tech savvy enough to know how to bring it here from there. My whole left side was flaccid, I have movement, but it is not functional. When I first started walking, it was with a lite gait, a harness that holds you up, then in this video you can see it is with a quad walker (I think that is the name, kind of forget) then a regular walker and now a quad cane. With the quad cane I can walk about 6 minutes. I am talking so much about it because I find it a great motivator. Last night when I first watched it--I cried and cried for how sad I looked and realizing what the stroke actually took from me. My daughter asked if I wanted to make a video of how I walk now, I think we need to do that soon.


I guess a lot of times we can't realize and see our progress, but when you watch it on a video, it makes it more real.


I have been doing E Stem on my left arm for about 2 weeks for about 2 hours a day. Have you ever done E Stem? and what did you think of it? I think it has really been helping my arm. Still not functional, but a little more moveable


My husband takes care of me, and he went last night to stay at his mom's for a couple of nights. This is the longest he has been gone since my stroke last August. I have been reading on here a lot about caretakers and my Dad pays his niece to take care of him. My husbands mom only lives 45 minutes away and she is almost 80, so I told my husband go stay when the kids are home, I don't want to be left alone; the kids are 11 and 15 and can help when I need them . I only need help with a few things, my leg brace, I can only cook light meals, I m not allowed to drive.so it is not that big of deal to be left alone.


But after reading in here, I thought he would enjoy getting away a couple of days and having a break , like I said in an earlier blog--this site has been a blessing to me already!


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Tina :


thats so amazing you have video of your earlier days. It will be great to see how far you have come in your post stroke journey when some days we don't seem to notice any minor improvements, these videos can remind you how far you have come. I am glad you are enjoying this site. your husband staying with her mom will give him great confidence & peace of mind too, he will know you can handle things on your own.



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by making sure the husband gets some time away it enhances your relationship-- he has free will.. to go to his moms or not.. and that in the caregiving world is a gift .... this puts your relationship back into the husband and wife VS the caretaking relationship.. and that is a much better place to be, for both of you.. you know you only need a little help ( dont we all) and made the wonderful selfless suggestion of hubby seeing his elderly mom KUDOS !! and yep the kids are around to help you out with the few things you need. good for the kids, to know they are valuable and can help to ( trust).. what a great family dynamic you are encouraging, and that will pay off BIG as time goes on...

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I wish my daughter would have taken more pictures and videos. I mean I hate the way I look in them, but I can tell how bad off I was when my stroke first happened. Then I can tell how much I am improving. I know the old me is gone and I think the video and this site has made me realize that. And that is a good thing, I think it helped me get rid of some anger, I still have some anger and I don't think it is fair to be stricken down like I was at 46. It has only been almost 7 months and I stop and think about how my life used to be. I had no pre warning about my stroke, blood pressure was fine, chloesterol was normal, was getting diabetes under control, went from 12.9 A1c down to 7.8. I was under a horrendous amount of stress and had been a smoker for 30 years. Between diabetes, smoking, genetics and after the stroke found out I have a mutating genetic blood disease that will be okay with medication. Mine was caused by different things and now I am working on those things to try and not let another stroke happen.


Me and my girls were fine over the weekend with the hubby at his mom's. It gave all of us a nice break. My daughters go to school, but my husband and I are together 24/7, so it was good for him and I.


Thanks for reading this far while I am rambling!

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