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Another Walking Video on Facebook, Not enjoying time change



My girls just taped and uploaded another 2 minute walking video of me on Face book (Tina Trew Cornett) This will be the last one for a while. The first one was 9/2013 and this one is 3/2013. I am improving so much, but not any where near like I was before my CVA. Working on accepting that, some days are better than others.


Not enjoying this time change, love it in the fall when we gain an hour, but don't enjoy in the Spring when we lose an hour. To get the girls out the door in time for school, we get up at 6:30--tomorrow morning it will actually be 5:30, boo! enough complaining..


Have liked this warmer weather, 45 degrees in Indiana is like a heat wave! Hopefully it will keep up and I can go outside with help from my husband and start sitting.


Still loving this site, hate the strokes we have all had, but so thankful for this site!


Almost ready to go back to church, it has been almost 7 months,have kept in contact with some people and my pastor and his wife. The church even paid my monthly bills for a couple of months including my house payment. So ready to go back, but scared also. With no snow and the temps climbing and with my husbands help, I know I can do it physically, I just think all I will be able to do is cry, which I know is okay to. Soon, very soon...........


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Nuts! I finally set all the clocks back last night (11) and forgot my cat can tell time, so guess what? At exactly 10 on the o'clock (really 9) he's trying to get me up to feed him! Why oh why oh why did I set the clock he can see back?!

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