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the worst seizure



So about 3 hours ago, I had the worst seizure ever. Im guessing it was grand mal. I was laying down watching a sermon on my laptop (trying to be encouraged) when suddenly my left arm started rising up, my head turned to the left, and my body turned to the right. My brother was the only one home but he was in his room with his door shut. I thought he would hear me especially when my laptop fell off my bed and hit the floor. All I could do was jerk uncontrollably to my left side. The next thing I remember is turning my tv on because I wanted the noise to stop. I forgot the noise (the sermon) was coming from my laptop. After remembering the noise was coming from my laptop, I turned the tv back off and closed up my laptop. I called my dad and he said he was on his way home. When he got here I was in tears telling him what happened and he was in tears listening.

My arm and fingers are still sore but my headache is going away. My dad is going to take me to church and my friend is going to pick me up. Im kind of scared to go but Im even more scared to just lay here worrying about it. Im pretty sure this seizure was due to my menstrual cycle. I really wish my gynecologist would put me back on birth control-the only time in my life I was completely seizure free.


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I am thinking a life alert necklace wold be a good idea for you --- it does not have to be programed to call 911 it can be programmed to contact family first , and then 911 if no answer or the family indicates that is needed...

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wow, good thing you were home and lying down at that so all the best this whole month! You just don't know when one is coming!

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Thank you all so much for your comments and concerns on both this entry and the entry before. I might have to look into getting life alert. I explained my situation to people I met at church that invited me back. Everyone that talked to me prayed for me and decreed and declared my healing. I dont want to get angry with God again if he doesnt choose to heal me in his time but Im at least trying to believe the seizures wont happen anymore so I can at least not trigger them (or panic attacks) with anxiety and unnecessary fear.

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My only - religious addition -- my dad died when i was 23 -- and i was grappeling with did dad go to heaven - he was always at odds it seemed with god - asking the big questions.. Dad read the bible 6 times front to back and he had recently became friends with a irish priest , they would exchange thoughts and talk about life.. ( dad was a WWII alcoholic - so he could be pretty ummm opinionated at times) fr. Hughes was a very irish catholic priest with a lot of "IRISH" charm as well ( sorry colleen) - anyhow - i can imagine they would debate all kinds of things.... when dad died ( he was lutheran) this catholic priest did the eulogy... ( this is unusual and required diocese permission - although i think the priest in all hi orneryness would have done it either way lol..... any how i grappled with the - geez dad was so down on god - could he have gone to heaven... my answer from Fr. "of course - if you are fighting with god then it is obvious you believe in him .... " - I sure miss that priest -- FYI I am not catholic either - dan is - the kids are , but not once did that( Irish priest - in the 80's ) make me feel inferior ... Hang in there my dear... your spirit is intact - and my own thought - it is not about this world it is about the next...

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