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OMG __ the sun is shining



finally a day with some sun !!! and the weather isent to bad to boot either....


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You mean the Sun was shining in North Dakota this early???? Where is that ground hog???? We are cold in Texas!!!

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i jinxed it --- bragged a little and the sun went away - colleen and fred apparently - maybe you will inherit it...lol

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Julie: Bite me!

Nancy: We did have snow today-same front as Colleen. Cold and damp. Nice tomorrow. If Bruce is feeling better, we have some errands to do because Wednesday into Thursday: Winter Storm Warning! Hey Ho! More due over the weekend!


But our highs are now almost 40 and overnight low 20s. So yes, a great improvement. And lots of melt. Even Kira is venturing out - she can see some green patches - LOL.


Good week honey. Stay warm and enjoy whatever sun you get. Debbie

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Debbie, time to get that new landscape company! I have already started looking for a new lawn service. I have to hurry as the old service starts the first of next month with fertilizing, etc. I picked up sticks and limbs but the yard needs an overall leaf raking.


Hope it warms for you too Nancy.


I don't think we are to get much in the way of snow tomorrow. Why can't it just stay warm like today!.




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