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That has been Dan and my general consensus - it is far from perfect , but we are doing the best we can... Finally we have had a reprieve from all the bad weather... just in time, i thought we would all have a nervous breakdown. Next year as much as i love my little weston man i am gonna have to spend time in AZ -- he can come be with us for a couple weeks and that might prompt his mom and dad to actually use the home they have down there...


Now for my big news we are grandparents again !! Liam Daniel was born on 03-13-2014.... this is also the day dan had his actual stroke ( he started with symptoms the day before ) but the day of the "big hit" was today 3 years ago... Now thankfully we can celebrate a birthday of little Liam instead of it being a day that changed everyone life in a not so good way ( stroke) - we can say hey that is Liams birthday with joy !! he was a big fellar weighed in at 9 lbs 7 ounces... was 2 weeks overdue ( obviously LOL) but his mom had the same issues with lilly in terms of labor just wouldnt start and being induced never brought progess so it ended in c- section as did this baby... so if MOOD, time and money allow we will do a run down to the cities to meet the new guy early next week - got to coordinate everything with his nurses...


Sadly when i explained to Dan and showed him the pic of the baby - said "doesent matter" and pushed the picture away.. I don't know what to make of his reaction to grandchildren but he certainly isent happy about any of them 75% of the time... oh well this has been a ongoing battle for a long time...


We did a lot of errand running today - darn walmart run and you all know how i like that... couldnt be avoided - so like the bandaid i just got it over with... Dan was in a fair mood - even with the grumpiness of the baby arrival... and tomorrow if all goes well he will go for a PT visit and do a little walking on the altra G...


Luckily the boredom has him - so he says he is OK with going to the cities for the baby visit -- cross my fingers... at least it is a change of pace...


still have bill issues pouring in from everywhere - it is not a permanent problem but it is what it is...no complaints the heat and electricity is on...lol...


and i still havent done my taxes ( get them ready for the tax guy) -- but i am gonna have to buckle down soon... i used to be organized now i am so limbo like i think wow- who is this gal ? It's not hard - i can do it - i just don't i dont get it.. i think it has something about just having such a healthy dose of reality on a daily basis - that just opening mail - even a card - is more reality that i dont want.. ridiculous right ... it is a good thing most bills are paid by auto pay - cause i just cant face the mail... what is that about ???


and after all our errand running i took a late nap that i am paying for as i am writting this... it is 0200 and i am up -grrr... i know better than to nap - but i was trying to get dan to nap - to prevent the crash if he doesent - and in the midst i fell asleep... so did he, but for him he is able to sleep so much more - that now i am paying the piper....


well - i suppose = i better just shut the computer off and go to bed !!- nancyl


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First, congratulations, this birth is a great omen and another major step back to "normal". I hope you get over there soon to check out the latest edition!


This morning is the first night I slept til dawn (almost!) but it comes with the territory. So much to do for everyone else during the day, you have to take your time as you can get it!


Funny but Ray never liked kids before the stroke. I hate to say he hated them, but they definitely annoyed him, no matter how cute. I wonder if we had had any if he would have felt differently, but maybe not since his father was supposedly the same way. But now, he's so different, even little babies in a shopping cart when we're out; he engages with them, saying Hi and Hi over and over, until they start talking back. It's so weird to see. But also a sad reminder for me of how he was and how different now.


Anyway, hopefully Dan will perk up when he gets there, I know he's not like that all the time with Weston. Probably just a mood, and not really about the babies themselves.

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Congratulations Nancy. You deserve some good news. Hope you get to visit with the new baby even tho Dan doesn't want to. He could change once he sees him.


Take care.



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Nancy :


Congratulations. BTW I think its not that Dan does not care about having more grandchildren, but it feels more like he is depressed and thats why not interested about grand kids, I am sure he will perk up once he will see the baby.



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Congratulations Nancy! Good news, and now when you think of the date that Dan haded his stroke, you can also think of your new arrival and it will bring a smile to your face. Dan does sound depressed, so grandkids bring the worse out of him. Hopefully, he perk up when you go visit.


Good luck



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Nancy and Dan: Congratulations! What a wonderful gift. I do hope you will be able to get down to meet and cuddle.


And Happy Anniversary - another year of recovery.


It has been such a long, difficult winter - with everyone in the country. And this one day of warmth into another week of cold snap just makes it worse. I too have been in a funk and the colds for both of us certainly didn't help. Seems I am tired all the time and I do sleep well and can nap. Rain due tomorrow morning - then some warmth. I already told Bruce I am sleeping in.


You'll pop up again honey - that I know. Just need a couple of nice warm sunny days in a row. Be sure to give Liam hugs and kisses for me. And again, Congratulations! Debbie

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Congratulations on the new grandbaby! Hope all is well with mother and baby! Like Dan my Mike is not "kid crazy". I think it is just a man thing. The babies rarely come over but when they do he can only tolerate them for a few minutes then I have to find another room for them to occupy away from him. He has always been that way though. Hurts my heart a little as I see them with their other Papa and he is always playing with them and keeping them over night. Oh well as you say Nancy "It is what it is"! LOL!

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Congratulations on the new grandbaby. Wonderful news. Ray was not struck by the birth of Alice but when he saw her he loved her. Hope it is that way for you if not for Dan.

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