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seen the new baby



we made a quick ( well 4.5 hr ) trip to see our newest grandchild... so beautiful... just to hard to try to get pics on here - maybe colleen can pilfer my facebook one and some how get it on stroke net.. she is much more savvy ( hint - hint lol) it was a good drive , at least the weather held out for both drives although it stormed the one fullday we were there. we opt for a hotel room and it had the best handicap bathroom ever... made my job a lot easier... room 121 - got to remember ...... ut dan tired out easily and i wasent pushing for anything. he was refusing to hold baby liam , but in the end relented and held him long enough to get a few pics..... wouldnt eat supper with everyone else so we ate in the living room, away from the other guests although dan would only eat a few bites.. it was a traditional st paddys day meal-- corned beef and cabbage and taters and carrot stew and irish soda bread--- although i am certain it was no where near colleens caliber ( this was store bought)... dan slept most of the time .. we ate out a few times , spent time with baby and little lily... and of course our son and his wife.. and thats it.. it was all I could do.. the drive and taking care of dan just plumb tuckered me out... but it was worth it... the drive home was interesting and i share this - again- only so others who experience the same don't feel so alone... dan wet himself while we were driving - ok so i tried to pull over to stop to help him, he got mad and refused , but then while i am driving he strips himself down to - nothing- except of course his shirt... so we are driving down interstate hubby buck naked from the waist down ( thank god for leather seats lol) i finally find a exit and find a appropriate hiding spot ,the phone rings - i answer because it was medical related- and you know we never , ever miss those calls or we never get another call back.... so i answer and dan starts to pee on the floor , now i have a urinal in the back i run and get it , meanwhile talking on the phone answering questions ... i finish the call dan finishes peeing and then i treck back and forth getting out the spares ( clothing) from the back of the van..... get him dressed , trying to console him - he was so embarrassed ... and at the sametime i am thanking god it is + 38 degrees and not - 38 degrees... we get back on the road with no further incidents.... I of course am just happy to have made it him with no more issues......... he just forgets and has lost the judgement part of - sir, that is not appropriate. and chastising him for something that was instinctual does no good but further ruins his self esteem...... we certainly just never know---- i certainly am kept guessing... we got home and he went straight to bed.... but he did agree to making another drive down to see liam and lily in a few weeks when our daughter goes... in hindsite - nope nothing could have changed the reaction to him wanting the wetclothes off now.... and lord knows i never advise dan against any liquids, and he hadnt really had much.. where it all came from who knows?? strokes.... and the unexpected.. hand in hand as always... i just look down the road and think --hmmmm it has gotten better - yes- but how many little suprises can i take? Dont get me wrong i am not mad , upset-- but normal is so far away - i sometimes wonder if i can recognise it anymore.. we watch our loved ones, every little "toot" - every cringe- every burp- cough- sneeze - knowing we have to always be viligent or disaster of some sort is lurking ......... even dan who know insist on waving to everyone - which awesome unless your next to a car of gangbangers who might think you are disrespecting them.... even that potential ---- .. anyhow just another addition to the never ending saga of dan and nancys stroke diary --" life in the naked lane" ( if i dont put a fun spin on it i would cry all day everyday ).. and as i have said before this is never written to disrespect my husband - but to hopefully help someone who although they don't actively participate in stroke talk on stroke net they read and commiserate because their lives are mirroring ours.. and that is OK -- this site is for exactly that - support however you may obtain it.. reading, writing , or chatting... my outlet is writing. Nancyl


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Nancy, I'm so glad you were able to see the little newbie! I really don't know where you draw the courage to do the things you do.


We do watch everything, and not because we are over protective... I wish others could 'get it'. Most people don't realize the amount of care a stroke patient may need, because they don't see what we do behind the scenes.


I am impressed that he was able to get all his clothes off, how in the world?!

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Nancy :


I an so happy you got to see new addition to family. I strongly feel if we survivors did not have amazing caregivers like you we survivors would not have been still here.



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Asha - you my dear are a amazing person yourself and you know what ? amazing attracts amazing !!


Sandy- Dan is still pretty agile because for all the years before the stroke he was very health and exercise conscience... and although you might marvel at his ability to do that ( undress himself) i marvel at your hubbys ability to read.. dan can get a word here and there, but you are to credit for your hubbys recovery... and honey dont be afraid- just go.. a mess might be made, but you are strong - anything you want to do just try... i just have virtually everything i could possible need jammed in my van and then some... otherwise then you have no life....maybe we need to come visit you - break you out of that house ..lol

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Guest lwisman


Congrats on the new baby!


To add a photo to the blog:

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Click Options on the right hand corner of the blog, select Edit Entry from the drop down menu

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Good luck!

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Nancy: little Liam is just perfect. I am so glad you made the trip and got to spend time with family.


We have a longer trip hopefully in the Spring and thank you, because you just reminded me to cover the passenger seat-ours are NOT leather, LOL. And I will have to remember Sandy's tip of adding the guard to the Depends, just for the ride.


We have used the urinal while traveling many times, in some situations that only caregivers would appreciate - LOL. But you have to have the warning and then find the spot to stop - not always possible.


I have found Bruce naked many times and I am still amazed that he can do it. Man will insist he can not put his shirt on, but he can sure get stuff off - LOL. Like little kids, putting them in snow suits, turning around and they are out of them, lickity split - LOL. If we could only channel that in a positive and independent direction.


Congratulations to both you and Dan! Debbie

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Cheers to the grandparents.....We all love that title and we can enjoy the role! I do for sure and so glad the Lord has kept me here for a while longer after the stroke.

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Congratulations Nancy on that new grandbaby! I'm in awe of you driving with Dan on such a long stretch. Boy, all of us on StrokeNet have our "toileting issues" to tell. But I have to say, Nancy you did the multi tasking to the limit on that drive.



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Congratulations to you and Dan! A new baby is hope for the whole world. You are my shehero. All that driving and then Dan undressing and you answer the phone " you are my super woman" LOL. Like you said you have to laugh or you will cry. like I keep on saying there is a special place for all you caregivers.


God bless



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