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just tired



the good

Well as I said yesterday, I had been feeling pretty good. This morning I felt even better because I drove myself to the doctor in the rain then stopped at the pharmacy on my way home! I have been thanking God every night, every morning, and throughout the day. It felt so good to drive my car again. I had not drove in 2 weeks. Its been tough because I get invited to a lot of christian events but I live so far away from that side of town. I hate asking for a ride especially from people I dont know that well and my dad gets an attitude when I ask him to drop me off somewhere then pick me up (unless its a doctors appointment). So I was really looking forward to going to my bible studies this weekend, church, getting my hair done, etc but now its out of the question.


the bad

Well about 3 hours ago my cousin called to ask me for directions. As I was giving her the directions my arm started to feel tingly like it had been feeling since the last seizure. I tried to ignore it so I sat up on my bed and kept talking but I did not want to have a seizure and she not know so I told her I was having a seizure and she hung up and called my dad. My left arm started jerking like crazy and it felt like I was falling off my bed. I woke up to my dad sitting on my bed crying. He told me when he came in my room it was like I was sitting on the side of the bed but my head had fell between the head of my bed and my nightstand so he laid me on the floor.


I remember feeling like I was falling but I also remember dreaming. I woke up hysterical. My left arm is sore but doesnt feel tingly and my left knee is sore. I have a headache and feel really tired but Im scared to fall asleep. I was really upset, scared, and sad that my dad took my driving privileges away. I also feel hopeless about moving out and like I wasted time and money buying furniture and trying for the work at home position.


I am trying to look at the positives though. Im still thankful for 10 days of no seizures, driving safely today, and the fact that my cousin had just called me and my dad was here to rescue me when it happened. I havent given up on my hormone theory. I was taking the mini-pill for 5 years. I stopped taking it around spring and didnt start having seizures until November. I figured it would take time to build back up in my system but I hoped it would start working right away


Also I finished the 2nd part to Joyce Meyer Positive Thoughts book. Her 12 thoughts are: (SPOILER ALERT)

  1. I can do whatever I need to do in life through Christ
  2. God loves me unconditionally
  3. I will not live in fear
  4. I am difficult to offend
  5. I love people and I enjoy helping them
  6. I trust God completely: There is no need to worry
  7. I am content and emotionally stable
  8. God meets all of my needs abundantly
  9. I pursue peace with God, myself, and others
  10. I live in the present and enjoy each moment
  11. I am disciplined and self-controlled
  12. I put God first in my life

I did not too much care for the substance of the 2nd half of the book but I could definitely benefit in repeating every one of these thoughts (some more than others) so Im glad I read it. Just hope I can belleve it and apply it. Thanks for your support everyone.


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I have one question that just keeps bugging me. When my mother in law fell and hit her head, she had a seizure. She was not allowed to drive until it was a year since she had a seizure. So now I have to wonder.... if you are driving without the doctor realizing you are doing it and giving permission, and so.... if you were to have an accident, it is possible your insurance would not pay if you are driving with a condition that requires rules be met. Everything I'm looking up is saying there is a procedure that must be cleared before just feeling good and going out to drive. I even read that if you've had a stroke, in my state, if you are all better and go to get your license renewed, if you don't tell them you had a stroke, your insurance won't pay. So driving with a licenses when there is no disclosure and meeting the requirements for seizures, is the same as driving without a license. Look:



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I took drivers ed when I was 16. I did not get my license until I was 22. I got permanently denied multiple times, had to take the drivers test multiple times, and had to go to Raleigh and have a hearing just for them to give me a learners permit. My neurologist that does my medical review does not think Im having seizures since I always feel them coming so he has not told me to stop driving. I should be getting my medical review in the mail next month. I already know about the insurance and liability.

Its just frustrating because since I moved home I dont have access to public transportation like I did in Charlotte so its either take a chance driving or lay in bed waiting on the next seizure. Besides the 1 time it happened at the store and once at work, the only time I had seizures have been laying down in my bedroom, never driving or doing things that keep my mind occupied

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It is good to hear that you are trying to work within the guidelines. Whatever you are having (and I think the neurologist is wrong), it is a problem. If you were to have an event, like what happened at work and at the store, and you were driving... what would you do, and could you do it fast enough?


I know it is frustrating to have to put up with, but the consequences of what could happen are serious for you, and for anyone that might be driving around you. I do hope this new hormone pill gives you relief from all this mess. I think you are right though, even if it does, you have to reach a level with it in your system.

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All the best to you and for you young lady as it gets better with time, at least that is what I keep telling myself! So far so good and my wife is still working without having to worry about me at home all day!


I'm so glad can drive and haul my scooter to use from the parking to the store!

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Hi katrina, i love joyce meyer. keep reading her and stay postive! Sandy is correct, be careful and do check your insurance, remember they don't like paying out so if they can find a loop hole they will use it.


Take care god bless



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