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My Week, E-stem, Movie, Blood Doctor



New, used van is working out for us, yeah! I have been using e-stem on my weak left arm for about a month now, I think it has helped a lot! I use it every day for 1/2 hour on the shoulder, 1/2 hour on the elbow and 1/2 hour on the wrist. Anyone else use e-stem? and what are your thoughts?


I see an oncologist (cancer) doctor for a genetic rare blood disorder, I went to a 3 month check up yesterday, they only took 2 vials of blood, last time they took 7. I didn't know I had this until after my stroke. The only treatment is to take a blood thinner for the rest of my life along with folic acid, B6 and B12 supplements. The disorder is so rare only 2% of the caucasian population has it! It is known to cause blood clots, so between that, smoking, diabetes and stress. no wonder I had a stroke. Yesterday, I asked the dr. what role this could have play in my miscarriages--he said definately it could have caused them. I had three miscarriages before I had my two daughters and never had a reason or explanation. It doesn't really help anything now, because I closed that chapter of my life when I had a tubal ligation, But it was kind of nice to know after all of these years, I had my 1st miscarriage 18 years ago.


Splurged and went to the movies Friday night--we went and seen God's not dead--excellent movie! I am not a TV or movie person, I would rather be on the computer or reading, but felt really led to go see this movie. I am a born again christian and have attended the same baptist church for 28 years. But this movie was very well written and the actors were really great. If you get a chance to see it, I would highly recommend it! I haven't been to church for 7 1/2 months, since my stroke last 8/2013. I plan on going back not tomorrow, but the next Sunday--I am so excited! :)


I hope this upcoming week is not as busy as last week, but I have the same sense of accomplishment!


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I think it is good that you got answers about the miscarriage, As a woman you always wonder. And 2 vials of blood instead of 7 seems good too. Perhaps they have the answers they want. You seem to be moving in a good direction now.

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Please that the Van is working out for you and your family. Thanks for the movie tip, and I go see it when it comes to my part of the town. Hope you have a good week, keep thinking postive



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I use e-stim.. I have a subluxed left shoulder and it was very painful to have my arm lifted in any way. The e-stim has helped to strengthen the week muscles that hold my arm in the shoulder socket and has greatly relieved the pain.So glad to 'hear' that you're seeing improvement!

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