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8th Month Stroke Anniversary, Church, Life



The weather in Indiana is funny! Not! LOL We hit 80 Degrees over the weekend and Tuesday morning it was 26 Degrees! Have lived here all of my life, I love the change of seasons, but not so drastic! Have seriously thought about moving especially no since the stroke and not being very mobile, and we just had so much snow over the winter. Just have a problem leaving my mom and dad, church and my children love their school. I don't know, guess I will have to keep praying about that and see where God leads me and my husband.


Today marks my 8 month stroke anniversary, what a lot of changes! I have learned so many things about stroke, I never had a clue. Of course, if stroke never directly affected me, I would never have researched or asked so many questions. One of the best things is the day of my stroke, I quit smoking after being a diehard smoker of 30 years.Yeah! Also found out I have a very rare genetic blood disorder, (only 2% of the caucasian population have it) It is treated with medications. But now I know the reason why I had 3 miscarriages 18 years ago, I had never had an answer as to why. And now I know to have my two daughters tested a little later in life to see if they carry it. We might be able to save them from going through the disaster of miss carrying.



Last Sunday I got to go back to church for the first time in 8 months. I had such a wonderful time! When I walked in on my quad cane, my pastor had everyone stand up and do a clapping ovation. I have been a member of this little baptist church for 28 years. It is a 45 minute drive one way to get there, but so worth it! We are old fashioned, but so filled with God and love. When my stroke 1st happened my pastor came to visit me every Saturday at the hospital. The church paid my monthly bills for a few months, The ladies club sent the pastors wife to the hospital with 100's of dollars of gift cards, so when my husband brought our kids up to visit, he never had to worry about food or gas. And then after I was released, they gave us like $100 gift card to dollar general. etc. One woman from the ladies club set up a Christmas thing for my girls........they bought 15 gifts a piece and wrapped every gift. So I didn't have to worry about anything! I am not sharing all of this to brag, just to show their love and generosity. I told them I could never repay them--but hopefully I can pay it forward some day. My testamony Sunday was I am sure a little hard to understand with all of my blubbering! LOL But I don't think there was too many dry eyes in the whole church! :)


Thanks for reading my blog! It is so therapeutic to write stuff down.


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that is one awesome church…. and i am so happy you got to get back - just in time for Easter…. we to living here in ND are trying to decide ( i am) about next winter… Dan was just way to cold this year… so we literally went months where he didn't leave the house except for church, he even skipped a few times…. so it is weighing on my mind to, next winter what to do… and you still have kids in school so doubly so for you, although my grandson is just as precious to me .. and really the only pull factor to not just lift roots and go somewhere , and not freeze to death 3/4 of the year… and swelter the other quarter lol…. nancyl

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Hey we experienced the same thing with our church we been members for 16 years so far. Our pastor paid our house note a time or two and refused to accept any money back. We pay our tithes faithfully and he knows that.


Our drive is about 30 minutes to the next town on the freeway so it doesn't even feel that far to me. My wife sings in the choir and is in the praise dance team as we love being members there and God is really blessing us.


This is the first wife I been a member of a church with for so long and I grew up in church!

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Tina I love that you got a standing ovation and you do deserve it for the fight you have had to get from a wheelchair to a quad stick - well done. My church is pretty generous and I know supports a lot of people in their hour of need. Those who can't support with finances give time and yes they still bake and cook for families who need that kind of help.


Have a Happy Easter.

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Congratulations Tina! Wonderful you got back to Church and yes, so supportive of you and your family. Good job and keep up the work. Happy Easter! Debbie

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Nancyl--exactly the way I feel about Indiana, the heat is always going for 7 months and then the air conditioner is going for 5 months. I would like some perfect weather! 70 for the day time and 55 for nights!


Nothing like a wonderful church, they can be so supportive and loving! I plan on trying to pay a lot forward--not just financially,but do more and more around the church. Both things are going to take a long time--financially and physically! But I know how much this stuff means when you are stricken down and can't do anything! S I would like to help other people.


I can only walk small distances with my quad cane and AFO brace, but I am happy I can walk at all!

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Tina :


Such a beautiful church community you have. with support like that moving is hard thing to do. I am sure you will pay it forward.



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Tina, been in a church that is like a family is what church should be. Having that will be hard to leave let God guide you. You are doing so well keep it up!



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