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47th Birthday, Parent's 50th Anniversary



Another busy week,what else is new? I am supposed to be doing therapy at home like a full time job, I go to outpatient therapy twice a week for PT and OT, Being married with two daughters (11 and 15) and being so busy makes me feel like I am not doing enough, like a full time job. Oh well, like they said washing dishes and stuff like that counts as therapy. I am improving and making small progress, insurance just approved PT up until May 12th. I need to quit beating myself up so much. I think when I blog I talk more to myself than any one, guess that is therapeutic.


Yesterday, I turned 47, guess I can't go in the 46 and younger forums! :) any more! LOL This birthday I think I thought more about life than ever before. I have always been a type of "goody two shoes" never a rebel or making waves. Been a christian since I was 19 and have always tried to live by the golden rule. This was my first bday post stroke and I realize more than ever how many small things I always took for granted, like fixing my hair in a ponytail with two hands, giving hugs with both arms. I hate having this stroke and what it took from me, but it does make one prioritize things in life.


My parents 50th wedding anniversary was this past Tuesday, they are both 71. That is a long time to be married and live with one person! LOL i can't say all of those years were happy, as a matter of fact, I am sure a lot of them were pretty bad! :) I hate that we didn't get to have them a big celebration for their accomplishment. But with my stroke and my husband taking care of me, we just aren't able to do much. Mom and Dad's health is not very good either. Dad had a mild stroke 2 years ago and his niece stays with them to take of him (she is his care taker)


Sure is hard to stay positive all of the time! :( When there is such sickness and bad things always happening!


One thing this week that was positive--when my husband and I left therapy one day, we hadn't been getting along ( we were arguing, we've been married 20 years in May.) He stopped at Panda Express to get some lunch. I don't like the food, so I waited in the van. I was sitting there crying about us, the stroke, etc...All at once some woman comes up to my window and says "I was sitting in there eating lunch and I saw you out here crying, you look so sad, can I give you a hug?" I just stared at her like she was coo coo or something. She said" I am not going to hurt you or anything" I said " I guess " and then opened my door. My cane almost fell out, I grabbed it and said, "I had a stroke 8 months ago". She said, "I am so sorry! I work in the medical field and that makes me a teddy bear." Then she hugged me and said, keep working hard and I hope you get better--No, I know you will get better! I told her "Thank you! " Thank you so much! She really made me feel so much better! And to put things in perspective. Amazing what a hug from a complete stranger can do for you!


Its sad, how we always think strangers are up to no good, and most of us are that way, and rightfully so with society the way it is. But I for sure am glad that people like that woman had the guts and kindness to come out to me and show such compassion, I have thought of that little gesture all week.


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That was a good thing for you and from my experience you will get better and gain more movement in your body. I'm going on ten years of recovery and life is great the past 16 years I been married this time. I got married the first time in 1960 so I got about 53 years of married experience.


This is my last time and I'm already 16 years ahead and 10 years on the stroke side of life. Life is good now!!!


Hope your marriage and life goes well for you!!

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With all the bad news around and safety first always these days; I, like you, am so amazed continually at the goodness still left in the world. Maybe it is just recognizing a disability and responding, but Bruce and I have found most people - perfect strangers - to be wonderful.


Happy Birthday! and Congratulations to your Mom and Dad - that is a true mark of love, respect and devotion. Bless them.


Slow and steady. Debbie

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yes there is kindness in the world often - actually, more often from a complete stranger….. it will get better… it is a slow climb...

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Tina :


Belated happy Birthday. I love your blogs, your kindness, sense of humor shines through this blog hope you join our chat group in the afternoon & night more often. I stroked at age 34 which left me paralyzed on my left side & retired me from the job I loved & I thought I would never find joy in living again. but thanks to having young son at home I found my joy again. Today he is young adult teenager I am proud of. today after 10 years on this post stroke journey I view my stroke as just speed bump in my journey it slowed me down to appreciate small things along the way. I am sure with attitude like yours I bet you will be do great.



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Hi Tina, belated happy Birthday to you! Also Congrates to Mom and Dad. Hope dad is feeling better. Take your time , recoving from a stroke is going nice and slow it is a marthon, not a sprint!. keep thinking postive, there be days when you just want to scream at the world! Go ahead and scream, or come on strokenet and vent, cry, get it all out. That is normal, after my stroke, my husband would just look to say anything, and I was on him like a cat on a hot tin roof LOL. Iam a little better, I always say sorry after I gone and sat down and said to myself "really Yvonne" doctor said i need to go to see a neuro doctor, Iam going because this stroke is not going to rule my life. Life is too short and I have a lot of living to do.


So do you. Take care, enjoy your journey



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