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Happy Mother's Day to everyone! My mom, Life last week



Happy Mother's Day to every mom and hope you enjoy your day! One of the best and extremely difficult things I have ever done is become a Mother. The love is amazing! My mom started having troubles with not being able to control her right arm on Monday. My Dad's niece lives with them to take care of my dad, she called me and wanted me to try and convince my mom to go to the hospital. Of course, she is stubborn and wouldn't go. The next morning my cousin called 911 to take her to the hospital. Mom had a light stroke and it made her right side weak.. Hers was very light, nothing like mine, but mom is 71.


On Wednesday, they moved her to the same rehab center I was at for over 6 weeks. After visiting her a couple of times, she does need some therapy. She has all feeling and sensation and can move her leg and arm. Needs to work on walking and gaining muscle control.


In 1981, my 19 year old half sister had an aneurism that erupted, she lived but has some disabilities, in 2012, my Dad had a small stroke, August 2013 I had a severe stroke and now my mom. We are a family of 4 and all four of us have had a stroke, how weird is that!!!!!????? I talked to my mom's dr. and told him about my genetic blood disorder. Like he said, my mom, dad and I just need to work on not having another stroke. My blood dr. said to get my children tested when they got older and started thinking about birth control and having children. I am going to contact my family dr. and get them in soon to be tested. They are 11 and 15 and we know stroke knows no age.


Mom hopefully will only be in rehab 2 to 3 weeks, then who knows, one day at a time.


My kids have 3 weeks left in this school year, here comes Summer with me only able to walk for about 6 minutes and that is inside, concrete scares me after falling a couple times Guess God will continue to lead and guide and I just need to stay positive and patient.


Insurance just approved a bunch of more units of outpatient therapy for physical and occupational--until the middle of June. Have to be thankful for that, I have been in some kind of therapy since last August 2013, almost 9 months, that is a long time. and lately PT has been whooping my butt!! LOL The last 2 sessions have been 6 minute walks, steps and walking the slowest speed on the treadmill. Heart pounding, sweating, really a work out! After this amount of time, I think I might improve a little, but I am afraid--this is it. But I am trying to be accepting.


Hated to go back to the rehab where I spent so much time, Doug pushed me in a wheel chair and as soon as we got off the elevator tears started flowing. Then different people who worked there started coming over and saying--Hi! how are you, you look so good, etc. And it hit me, here were some people who saw me at one of the lowest points in my life, flat on my back, and totally unable to move, I have improved and I was there to see my mom, she didn't need to see me cry. Things got better after that. I sure have no clue how all of this is going to work out, but God always has a plan.


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Happy Mother's Day to you Tina. Sorry about mom, please she is making good progree!. Understood you feeling sad and started crying when you went back in the rehab center, good that it hit you that you have got better, with people telling you, that makes you feel postive and lift your self essteem!. Like you said god has a plan and leave it to him.



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Tina: Happy Mother's Day. It is amazing that you have had such extended PT but even more so, that you are sticking with it and dong the work. And yes, it will make a great difference when you are home with the children this summer.


Tina, you now have two that will be available to spot you outside. Do use that to your advantage. Have one of them park your WC at the end of the driveway and get out and walk it every day the weather allows. Keep one child at your side or have them follow you with the WC. Come fall when they go back to school, you will have plenty of confidence.


I am so sorry about your Mom and Godspeed to her recovery. Please do keep us posted. Debbie

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Happy Mothers Day Tina. Four people in the same family with strokes does seem unusual but I have seen that with other disorders too, as if it attracts further events. I hope you continue showing improvement. Try to make the most of the warmer weather to get outside if you can and practice on that harder surface.


I wish your Mom well with her recovery too.

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