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Therapy, Neurologist, 5th grade Dance



Last Friday, my 11 year old had her 1st dance--called a "going away " dance because in the Fall she starts 6th grade at the Middle School and is going away from the elementary. Her, her friends and boyfriend had a wonderful and fun time.I am glad they had fun, but I am old fashioned and think 11 is a little young for boys, make up etc...The school never pushed it, but when a girl hears dance they think of that stuff, or at least my 11 year old does, my 15 year old is totally different.


My mom is being discharged from rehab today and going home, 2 weeks after her mild stroke. Her right is a little weak and she will have in home therapy. She is 71, but doing very well. I am thankful her stroke was no where near what mine was.


At Occupational therapy this week, I heard the dreaded "P" word, plateau :( My stroke was 9 months ago and I have been in therapy since. I am so happy and blessed that insurance has paid for so much. Weekly in outpatient therapy I have to do an assessment with my arm/hand. The last few weeks everything has been measuring the same, not regressing, but not progressing either. I am accepting where I am at this point in post stroke. I would love to get better and better--but it is what it is. After my stroke, my whole left side was weak, useless and not moveable. I can move everything now, it is just not functional. I have come a long way, I can even move each finger! Guess I will have to wait and see. I already have therapy sessions scheduled up unto the middle of June. I will keep those and will continue to work at home. I plan on working at home rather I am going to any therapy or not. I know I can never quit stretching and moving the left side.


Neurologist appt. yesterday was a 6 month check up, now I just have to go on an as needed basis! Yeah! But we were talking about sensation and he said that usually comes back within the 1st 6 months. I said well, I am 9 months post stroke, guess that is not coming back either. I am just being a realist, my stroke was 9 months ago, I knew some of this I would be hearing soon. I am not giving up, I still believe in God's miracles and hard work!


Next therapy is tomorrow, I plan on asking about driving, what they think about reaction time, motor skills, etc...and if I need to do anything special. Can't hurt to start addressing it,


This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Hope everyone has a good one! The Indy 500 is Sunday--I live about an hour north east of there. Haven't been to the track in years.I know it is exciting and interesting and thousands of people go every year. I always go to church Sunday morning anyway. I can't take all of the alcohol, cussing, boob flashing etc May God watch over everyone and keep them safe over Memorial Day weekend and Have fun!


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Good news Tina and thank you for checking in. So yes, you are done with this year's therapy allowance. You settle in at home, set up your new routine, workout, getting the kids off and soon they will be on summer vacation. I think you will be glad to have a break from the therapy appointments while the kids are at home.


I was so tickled about your 11 year old's dance. Do you remember how exciting that time was? All the butterflies and back and forth on the phone. I am so glad it was a positive experience for her. That is such a difficult age and social events can be devastating if they go wrong. And oh heck, Tina - a little makeup probably gave her a bit more self esteem and made her feel grown up.


Good weekend. Exciting times ahead for you. Glad Mom is doing better and going home to her own space. She will make more progress there for sure.


I did Indy for so many years. I do miss it, but those days are over. Debbie

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Tina, you been a mom for a long time 15 years so make good judgments with the 11 year old for sure is all I can say for now!! I too like you feel 11 is a bit young but I don't know how much influence her older sister has on her decisions!!


I got a 9 year old grand daughter graduating from fifth grade at a christian school and going into public school 6th grade so I know she will need lots of guidance from here at home, me, grandma and her mom. Her dad is not close by in the city!! So I'll be having conversations at home as a family affair to try and keep her feet on the ground and her head in the school books..


So just stay in touch with her and get a feel for what is happening at school and home age appropriate!! My 2 cent worth!!!

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Tina, they do grow up fast, but it sounds like a postive time, and it not like she wears make up every day, and you will make sure that she keeps her feet on the ground!


Good news about Mom, that is a blessing, she be so much happier been in her own home.


You are doing well but remember 9months is still early, Strokes are marthons, not a sprint. keep on doing what you are doing, changes will come!


Take care enjoy



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