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5th Grade Graduation, Therapy, Start Of Summer Break=Fun



My 11 year old graduated Thursday from 5th grade, she is officially in middle school, my oldest who is 15 just finished 9th grade. They are getting so old--which makes me getting older! Boo! They are on Summer break now and that means fun and sleeping in for us! :) My husband just took our youngest and a friend of hers swimming today at a public pool. I went along and rode in my wheelchair just to get out, people watch and get some sun/vitamin D. Think I got a little too much Vitamin D--my sun burn is hurting! But it was a lot of fun!


I have plateaued in occupational therapy and for now am done with it. I talked to physical therapy the other day about plateauing. She said it is possible, I am scheduled for four more visits. I am doing those and then she said we will do an assessment, and see if that is it for now. I had a stroke 9 months ago and have been in therapy for 9 months. I am okay with it if I am at plateaus. My leg, arm, and hand are moveable----they just aren't functional. I can walk with a quad cane for about 6 minutes. I am ready to be done with outpatient therapy, just keep working at home like I have been. I still don't have sensation on my left side, my neurologist just told me usually that comes back within 6 months--mine has been 9 months--guess that is not coming back either. I am not giving up or calling it quits, I am just trying to accept--it is what it is


I think acceptance is part of recovering from stroke also. PT acted like I was giving up, not being a realist, which is what I think. When I told her I felt like my stroke and therapy had been my life for too long and I was ready to enjoy my daughters again and have fun this summer. She asked what would I change, which started a conversation about school activities, like 5th grade graduation--she said that would be good therapy to walk in, I said no; I use my wheel chair. She said it would be better to walk, of course, I know that. But if I can only walk 6 minutes, I don't think I can walk all around the school, not too mention I just can't sit down any where and get up really easy.


Like I told my husband, what is wrong if I have to ride in a wheel chair when I go some where?? What is wrong if my arm/hand has no purpose and

I can't use them???? I have been struggling with this all week. I don't want to deal with any of this, but I didn't want to deal with a stroke either and never had a choice. I was just saying to my husband yesterday--how could I be so disabled and my body be in such bad shape????


Anyway, next week is a local fair/carnival that I would like to go to, or go and have my family push me in my wheel chair. People watch, enjoy my kids, share an elephant ear (is that politically correct?) LOL! That's just what we have always called them.


Hope all are enjoying their weekend!


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Hi Tina, congrates to your children graduating! Yes, they are getting older, time does not stand still.


So you feel that you have plateaued in O.T. Tina you have been doing it for nine months, I know it seems a long time but in "stroke world", it is a short time. I understand about been a realist, and you want to think about other things then strokes and therapy. But please keep up the work at home, do then in the morning, and late in the evening.


I left the hosptial, no therapy care for home, just what the hosptial therapies show me, I was on my own. My right side was not working, and I only got a quad cane when my husband asked our doctor. He told my husband I should be alright after six months! Not, he was a fool! So after a good talking from my 85year old father, and I was tired of my lack of progress, I began to move more, doing what I learned at the hospital, I was slow and steady. I began to feel after a couple of months that the cane was enableing me. So the first time I moved without my cane, I was a baby taking my first steps! The joy was great,, and I was tired! Every day I moved and each day I went farther, and father. Now after two years, I walk 2-3 miles a day! I feel like a gladiator!


Wishing you all the best! Hope you enjoyed the fair and got your elephant ear!



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I've found over the last three years, it's good to occasionally take a break from therapy, especially when the weather is nice and you can get out and do things on your own. That is therapy too! You only have so many sessions per year anyway, so why use it up all at once? Save it for when it turns dreary outside again and you're stuck inside anyway, nothing wrong with that.

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Tina :


stroke recovery begins once you come home, BTW for me walking was very important since I did not want burden on my husband who has to push me around in wheelchair , load unload & whole nine yard. twe bought treadmill fir our home & it was best exercise equipment we invested money in, initially I could only walk at 1.2mph for few minutes, but I had whole day to me so I made exercise part of my routine. Today I walk on treadmill 3 hours ofcourse in short interval of 5-10 minutes while watching my morning shows since I am up since 6 am doing my mothers job. I always felt more you can do for yourself its less of hassle for your loved ones, and being able to walk unassisted was biggest blessing of our life.



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Thanks Yvonne, Stingray and Asha! All of you are absolutely right! I plan on keep moving at home--not giving up at all. I know the farther you go post stroke the progression is a lot slower. I like Stingray's suggestion about not using it up all at once. I am on state insurance, so I don't know how that works. I know it has been more than fair and it has paid for a lot. Most of my therapists say it is highly unusual for my insurance to cover so much. For that I am eternally grateful and thankful. My occupational therapist was the one telling me I was at a plateau, I started asking

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