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working against the wind



ND is flat - and windy , nothing to stop the blow, not even trees for the most part…. so virtually everyday in ND is windy… but this spring has been colder than the norm as well making the things like stain the deck or paint the picnic table ( it is 23 yrs. old my dad made it days before he died so we have preserved it well- and we take good care of things ) so i have accomplished a lot between running back and forth checking on dan - watching the camera and cutting trimming hedges and cleaning those literally FEET of pine needles …. a pitch fork worked the best of all… i guess their is little difference between 3 feet of manure or straw and 3 feet of pine needles… Dan had a bit of trouble with the needle not being positioned right so we just did a quick hydration (IV) this past week… he woke up in a lot of pain from the port needle so i had to have it removed for a few days…

I have picked up he true blue flu… it took me till the very end of April but i got it… but my motto is work through it.. so for the most part i have been … but it is lingering… the dry cough and the chest hurting when you do cough is bothersome , but it is what it is .. and laying in bed just seems to make me feel worse… Dan has had a troublesome old visitor - constipation - but given the junk food he insists on … i don't know… i am trying to add a fresh fruit at least every meal but he just doesn't like it… he is still over all fares much better than the past but sometimes i think it is because he simply does not "feel" it hurting.. which is a curse and a blessing… but on average he only BM's 3 times in a two week period… so i keep a pretty close eye on it.. and his stools are not hard , just doesn't seem to have "momentum" …. I have been exercising ( sorta) Tag the crazy running rebel dog has found a new sport with me… we bike - we have for a while now but i found a product called cycleash that firmly hangs on to the dog so i have both hands firmly on the handlebars… so now tag is learning - almost has it mastered to pull me on my bike for about a one mile to two mile stretch .. and let me tell you we fly --- we live near a tourist site ( jamestown ND) is famous for its big buffalo . tag and i bike over there everyday and zip around the buffalo and greet whatever tourists there as we "run" through… people laugh and think he is so cool -- and tag just eats it up… he is just grinning as he runs !! so twice a day we do this hmmm exercise - although i am not sure i qualify for it… lol…. I do have plans to go to AZ next week -- getting excited …. haven't told dan yet , he is gonna feel bad not coming with but man i just need a break from the every minute responsibility… few people understand - ( except here) how every day, hour, minute, second i am depended on… and if i take "help " with, it doesn't matter - dan still wants me… if help is here, dan still wants me.. so leaving is about the only way i do get any type of break. And we have all had this discussion of taking care of ourselves, so we can take care of them. still i feel guilty on the emotional level… waiting for it warm up some so that i can plant some flowers --- my neighbor and i laughed the other day - he hollered for someone who said she ain't doing much yard work you sure are a over- achiever … i had not counted on all the work the previous owner had never done in the last 5 years ( due to their own family health crisis) so playing catch up isn't easy and there is only a small window to do these things so - I am…. hopefully once i have it all done and i am close i can be a under- achiever …lol

All in all i am still a country gal at heart and enjoy the outdoors -- the pre stroke dan did as well, but he sure has to have "perfect" days to go out now… but very little thing is a issue --- from wind blowing dirt into his eyes and him not being able to blink fast enough to keep the dirt out, to burning easily in the sun from the meds, to the fly on his face he can't get because of the paralyzation - and we all know fly's are mind readers about where to land to not get hit…when you only have limited ROM… hopefully in the next week i get over this bug , and finish the little bit of yard work i have left - i am gonna trim back the hedges to the point of nothing and start over, they are so over grown -- that it is just easier to start them over…. like all homes we all have tons to do add in a home with medical issues and you can quadruple the work that it causes … especially laundry, 2x bedding changes partly cause i am a clean freak and so is Dan, and the constant urinal cleaning, since that particular faucet is always on…. especially with the necessary IV's ( beats those constant uti's anyday !!)

so life is life around here, acceptance for what is and will be … it has been a hard battle to keep our "peace" with the stroke and all it has brought us, if it would quit taking that would be helpful… but hey what is the motto ? IT IS WHAT IT IS !!!!!! Have a great week everyone… nancyl


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You are a real trooper! Who else could have gotten me and Ray back to real life, you don't take no for an answer, ever. I can picture you and Tag on your adventures, what a metaphor of all for our secret fantasies.


I too am engrossed in yard work, although the years long absence of such is all on my part. Three tick bites and counting is my reward. Glad you are getting away next week; the same reason I put up with Ray's lacksadaisical aide so far, rewarded by the forbidden fruit of being yourself for a little while.


Ray too won't go outside without begging, but he's always been that way. I used to think it was because it would dilute his cigarette smoke but guess it's more than that. I'm mostly using the aide to watch him inside while I'm out in the yard, then at least I'm not spending money at the outlets while she's here.

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Nancy, I have loads of yard work also... and a deck to paint..... and... and.... and... so forth. I hope I can get as busy and get it done as you are doing. I think it's so helpful to see others accomplishing so much, against all odds. I mean, if it were just me, I'd fall in a heap and think this is impossible. But I see others doing the impossible everyday, so I pick myself up and follow suit.

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Nancy: so happy to hear you will be getting away for a bit - well deserved!


Bruce is in the process of planting his deck flower pots - 13 of them. That is about all the real decoration we have these days. He had to add soil to all of them this year. He loves playing in the dirt. Selection of plants still too early here, but he did get five done this weekend. And yes, I don't understand it either. Man used to be outdoors - all seasons - sun up til sun down. Now usually takes a begging, as Colleen says.


I did the same as you with cutting way back on all the bushes. Most of them are close to the house and with the last few winters and tossing the deck and roof snow on them, they were totalled anyway.


But it sure is pretty out there. My new time out, with a sick pet, is sitting with a glass of wine waiting for the charcoal to be ready to grill - LOL.


Have a wonderful time honey! Debbie

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Nancy, I went out and dug a few mole hills down and threw the dirt into a los spot on the lawn that always scrapes the lawnmower. Then I cut most of the front yard. I couldn't see to do the rest, but I feel good about it. Thanks for the kick in the butt :)

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Nancy, loved reading your blog. Here inFlorida , it is too hot to be working outside! It is 93. No spring in Florida, just summer! i did cut a bush that was right by the front door, and yesterday, my husband's brother came over from Germancy have not seem him for two years, so we got the grill out, a few bottles of wine . I did nothing, just lift my glass and eat when the food was done! LOL


You have a wonderful time next week, you earned it. Take care



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I agree it is good to get outside now, and you and the dog running would be a sight to see. So the dog actually pulls you instead of the reverse. lol


I have been doing trimming and digging up dandelions galore. We have a mess on our yard and patio now with all the maple leaf seedings. Can't wait till they are gone. I had the kids help with cleaning out the garage and took a load to our thrift shop today. Larry too needs encouragement to get outside. His son and family came over Sunday and picked up the patio table I ordered. They all put it together and I even got Larry outside with all of us. It was a gorgeous day. Warm for one more day then rain. Take care.


Enjoy your trip to AZ.



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I call Tag ( the dog) my running monkey dog… he literally smiles as he runs…. funny… at least a little glimmer of life, -- fun fun !!! Poor Daan has no idea - although i tell him ---- i would love for him to "see" it…. maybe someday - when the wind, temp., sun,time,someone to be with him,and mood it "just right"… I call tag my one dogged engine…

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Nancy, I suppose ND is a place you have to grow up with liking as a child and used to the weather and the climates there. I been in Germany many times for a total of 14 years but I couldn't live there forever without a break.but if you are used to that kind of weather it's alright!!


Enjoy your Arizona trip and do you miss the motor home yet????

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Nancy, we have been doing the same thing here in the yard. It has literally been 6 years since there has been anything done to it except cutting the grass and trimming the hedges a little. Mike was a bachelor before me for 3 years and he didn't take any interest in the yard as he was hardly ever home but now that we have settled into our new life together we have been working diligently to get things looking better around here. Whew! what a job! But it feels good to get out and feel the sun and not have to wear a thick coat all the time! Hope you get it under control so you can sit back and relax! I would love to see Tag pulling you on that bike! Sounds like so much fun!

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