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cough, cough- pass the kleenex plz..



yep as my title indicates - i have the bug and gave it to dan… I thought i had the true blue flu, but apparently -not- . Took Dan over for a "rapid test" at the hospital since his onset would have made hi eligible for tamiflu ( if needed) - but the test is negative. so thats good… The timing of all this is not.. I have started to present to dan the thought of me being gone next week… He seems pretty bummed, as he wants to come with, but i told him it was time for just me and my sister… and the cold has him down and out today anyhow ( i leave monday evening) . and if his cold follows my pattern he will be sick all next week anyhow.. The nurses are aware i will be gone and will come if the kids call. my worry - the bug as most are is viral and could become a bacterial pneumonia . but hey there is that cart way out front of the horse… Of course if come monday dan is very sick i will stay home…

My neighbors came and checked out tags harness and bike riding "thingy" - they have a pretty fat lab that needs some exercise so i told them to check it out.. and they were amazed how well it worked, even on their untrained dog… i told them it takes time but once the dog knows what you want they will do it… tag and i ran a long ways tonight ( tag ran - I am along for the ride lol) but man is he a happy and tired dog !! Rabbits are his down fall - he sees one and just thinks he has to go after it… the bike doesn't get to much pull on it so - it keeps me on my toes…

Dan is continuing to enjoy and work hard on his speech… he wants so badly to talk again… i am sick and he is sick so we have very little patience.. and i feel bad but i don't always want to play "charades"… and with his hyper OCD - and the charades - turns out to be something as small as lint on the floor i just want to scream !!!! But he is doing his best , and we as a family are.. and the loss of patience on my part proves to me i do need a break …

finally got a sunny day - it has been well over a week !! although it didn't get much above 50 ish. still nice to see the sun…

Dan seems to have gained some acceptance about everything. he is a bit more peaceful but has very little interest in physical activity… but again how long has this bug been brewing who knows? he moves around the bed pretty good and it being adjustable helps a lot … either way i guess i need to reserve my "guesstimates" till the bug clears and the weather gets decent enough that one can count on a nice day .. instead of the illusion of a nice day…...

I do however think a good stock tip is the kleenex company -- we are keeping them in business…

Hopefully Dan is full of bounce tomorrow instead of the - i just don't care mood…. and if i have to i can get the needle put in over the weekend although we are "resting" the port for a few days to allow healing and prevent infections - from being accessed to long.. but i know how keeping him hydrated at this juncture is important ( keep the mucus moving) but i gave him 1.5 litres before we pulled the needle… and he does drink - just now enough… but with the risk of the mood "shut down" due to illness this could go "south" anytime --- the next 2 days will be the tell… and then i can decide whether or not to plan to be able to go on my trip or not … hey it is what it is…. nancyl


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Nancy, we keep the kleenex shelves stocked also. Larry has had this cold/allergy for a couple of months, been to the Dr. 3 times, chest X-Ray, many meds. It is allergies and if you could see my maple seedlings all over the drive and patio, proof for sure. The problem is when Larry sneezes, he doesn't always have time to ask for a kleenex! It is like an explosion, if you get the picture. lol


Hope things improve so you can leave on your trip.



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Hoping and praying you both get well soon and it doesn't take a nose dive and go south! So that way you can go on your trip and take a small me vacation, I am sure you really need it!

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Nancy: I do pray it all works out by Monday. It is so hard to plan time away and then as I have come to experience, anyway - something always challenges it.


Let him rest, hydrate as you know and just pray it runs its course. Thinking of you. Debbie

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Hi Nancy, hope everything turns out for the good, and both of you feel better, and you are able to go on your "me vacation".


Happy Mothers Day



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truth-- make a plan - god laughs, as the old saying goes… i don't believe i am that important but i won't know if i can go till i know i can go… fingers crossed … i just need a little break from everything… not just dan - "everything…

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Oh honey, I do hear you. So impatient this weekend and exactly like you said, a true indication that time off is needed. I get Bruce down to nap, Kira asleep with him; sit down to enjoy maybe an hour of reading and Boom! he is up, she is up and let the games begin! LOL.


I pray you go and enjoy time with your sister and please, have a drink for me! Debbie

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