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We are cared about !! Thank You



This will be quick, really, me, be quick ??? my trip to AZ awesome, awesome,awesome…. had some trouble at the airport ( in ND) but God even made that work out… Dan was ill mostly cause i was gone, i got home and he was asleep 20 mins after he knew i was home…. lol……. I met some amazing people on spiritual and personal levels…. Dan seriously got "taken care of" by MRS. North Dakota for a few hours… LOL - she crawled into bed with him and watched price is right… remember we have a dual split bed.. makes for a fun story …… and my big news I GOT A JOB…. I am an assistant to a public defender here in town… he knows "our story" so my hours are flexible for the most part … But Dan is not a happy camper at all… I need to work , It felt so good… back in court today, seeing old colleagues - even old cliental… Robert and elizabeth are going to come and care for dan for the most part throughout the summer.. robert works weekends, and i only work mon-thurs with some fridays……. this way , in case it does not work out - then i haven't hired someone and then have to let them go cause dan is being a pill.. we can transition someone slowly . So i have been BUSY -- missed chat only cause my granddaughter let the dog out - so we had to do the dog hunt… my dog has a whole yard to play in but even though i have been biking with him 2x a day he just begs for more , and has found a 3 yr old will open the door ( to the street) if he begs….. but no biggie.. but still had to find the dog…. hopefully next week i will make it to chat… I will write more this weekend … I hope…. but we are alive and functioning… i would say- well- but dans little tantrum over me working, is for sure stealing some of my joy….grrrrr… it is, what it is…


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Nancy, I missed chat because I had a call to pick up Oliver from school as he was sick and his mother couldn't be contacted (long story) but look forward to catching up with you in chat next week.

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Congrats on landing the job I'm sure everything will work out for you and in the long run your husband will be a happy man

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Nancy: wonderful news. Glad, of course, that all of you are well and safe. But how terrific for you. I do know this will be perfect for you, right in your element. Keep us posted. Yahoo and toasting to you right now! Debbie

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Nancy, Thanks for the update


Good luck to you in your new job. Good to hear you and Dan are okay as I was worried as you were not on the board for a while.



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Thank you everyone -- the job is kicking my butt… it is very technical in detail and in "technology" i am struggling… but i will get it eventually ( i hope) the new boss and his wife took me out for lunch today , so NICE to be treated so well ( he wanted me to meet his wife) they are about a decade or more younger than me-- lol… but i have already learned things i didn't know … a thought occurred to me as we were visiting and EVERY story keeps coming back to the stroke… and that is sorta sad … first of all cause it all comes back to the stroke , and because it has been so all consuming of my life… and as dans spouse of course it will always be consuming… but i couldn't seem to come up with a non stroke - story … made me think.. and i actually voiced that to him and his wife , like oh wow look - i am sorry, seems to be the only life i have had for the past 3 years that i sorta forgot other aspects of life… and then there is the constant need on my part to focus on it… time to move on… and this job is definitely busy and forward direction, and the guy is a "positive" type of person…. so this won't hurt me… but it is a bit more than i can chew right now …. makes for a very full day ….. so till i can "catch up in life " i will be off for a bit… but never gone… and anyone who ever wants to talk to me can message me anytime -- debbie -sure did - (lol) nice to be cared about…. and dan is a bit more accepting about the job.. so hooray for that …!!!! so far..nancyl

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Nancy: and that is exactly why my DON and Nurse Manager called me at two years post - I could have something other than stroke. Read my blog, you will get a laugh. But as we all go down this stroke recovery path, there are many forks.


Enjoy and relish in your time! Debbie

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Nancy :


I am so happy for you,we all need some job or outside interaction with people to feel appreciated. Stay at mom & wife job also some days I feel is lowly appreciated, your appreciation comes when kids are succesful & happy in their life but before that only thing you get how mean you are from them lol



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Nancy, I think you are ready for a new step, and who knows, maybe it is a step that will help Dan in the long run, to reach further to recover. Sometimes a 'shake-up' helps get to the next step. It sure seems to me that you have given your all for 3 years, and it may be time to get a little change up. Hoping this is a reprieve for you and a step forward for Dan to reach further.

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