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9 months since august 5th



its a couple days past my 9 month anniversary. the tingling I mentioned in last blog turned into a cold left foot. was it another small stroke? maybe maybe not. it was much like the heel of my right foot getting cold several months after the first 2 strokes.


since I have been diagnosed with " cerebral small vessel artery disease" I expect to have lots more.


but I woke up this morning and there was "still water in my cup" and so I will take advantage of this little lease I have today not necessarily expecting tomorrow. it will be what it will be.


the above diagnosis by neurology at Dartmouth is not based on their examining my small vessels but on the fact that I have had several strokes located in the center portion of my brain. this is not necessarily to criticize them but to point out the large limits of our imaging techniques. and really even if they were to be able to image the small vessels and then see the anticipated inflammation, there is nothing to be done except a little white pill(bp) and a little pink one(statin) and a large orange one(aspirin).


it funny, I heard on radio a few days ago that they seem to be able to reverse aging in mice by feeding them blood of little mice. taken to its conclusion if successful the world would be wall to wall mice!(lol)


my kind wishes to all,








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Congratulations my man, we all are getting better day by day so we got to get older sooner or later and if we wait until later we can't enjoy it as long!!!!!


Each month that goes by is a month closer we are to good recovery!!!

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David: congratulations! Day at a time. I do hope your weather is improving and you can get out and about.


Just an idea, if you will. If you have small vessel disease, maybe an ultrasound of that Left ankle is in order.


Rock on baby! Debbie

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hey fred and Debbie, getting to this age we don't "buy green bananas" and we definitely can't put off doing something until we get better, as better is not likely to happen.


good idea Debbie, will mention that to my pcp whom I will see on 20th. thinking back I am a little surprised that they didn't do that at Dartmouth when I had my 4 day stay there.


thank you both for your thoughts



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Hi David, congrates!. I love that you always think postive david, keep it up! I have never heard "buy green bananas"but I know about not putting anything off , just go and do it!


God bless David



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