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hubby home



hubby had aorta valve replaced with pig's valve may 8th.the surgeon was able to do the mini chest 4 in. incision instead of the full chest cracking and therefore had an easier time in recovery than if he had to do the full chest breaking. we are very grateful for the prayers and God's blessings .he was able to come home in 4 days ;.home on mother's day. my son has been helping us out and I stayed at my sister's until he was released. I feel exhausted and think is mostly stressed related. tomorrow is my regular checkup.the last time I saw him my heart was in a-fib and was sent to a cardioolgist by the time I got there it was back in rythym. I am now on elqiuis.I went through my 1100 emails which I neglected for 2 months and hope to finish tonight. I hope to have things somewhat normal soon.blesings mlp


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Lynn, so glad you husband is home and after such a short recovery period. Yes, I hope you do get back to some sort of normal again soon. I know routine is dull sometimes but it is a blessing in other ways. I hope the checkup goes well and you get a good report from the doctor.


(Had to edit this as for some reason goes came out as

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Lynn: thank you so much for checking in and what great news! I do hope you will be able to get some down time and just relax with hubby during his recovery and rehab.


Check in when you can. Give him a big hug and kiss for me and get some rest. Debbie

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Lynn :

thanks for update, I am glad every thing went so well. hopefully soon you will get into routine & able to relax.



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Lynn, please everything went well with hubby. Hope everything calms down and you are able to . relax. Hope your check up goes well.



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I know he is glad to be home and got it over with with the smaller incision so he can heal a bit faster. I hate to be cut on anymore I have had my full share of stitches for a life time. Most of all you are glad he is home too so take care of him I'll check back in a week or two to see how he is progressing!!!

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I'm happy your spouse is home and on the mend. It is a stressful time for you but hopefully all will be on the upswing now.


take care,


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