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quick entry



sorry this is so quick but after blogging for an hour, I lost the draft. :growl: here it is in short form

birth of grandson.

computer stcking isgetitng me crazy

husband's father passed last yr.

mother passed good friday.

husband heart surgery may 7th replacing aorta valve

losing patience banging out letters.

blessings mlp


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Use that air spray can on your keyboard that should stop it from having sticky keys!! My condolences on your hubby's dad passing last year and mother passing on good Friday!!!


Heart surgery is not easy but needed when that time comes. This stroke is all I hope I have to be hospitalized for in my life time.


Take care enjoy the spring and coming summer time!!

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Lynn: thank you for checking in. The frustration of losing your drafts - just happened to me replying to Nancy. So frustrating.


My thoughts and prayers to you and your family on your recent losses. Prayers for the heart surgery and do let us know when you have time.


Kisses and hugs to that new Grandbaby! You must be so proud.


In my thoughts and prayers, Debbie

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Lynn, I made a comment about using prescription cards they are mailing out to everybody lately so hope you get on until it's time for Medicare for Larry!!!

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Lynn :


thanks for your update. life is full of ups and downs. Sorry for his parents passing, congrats on new bundle of joy & good luck with husband's heart surgery.



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Hi Lynn, Sorry for your husband"s Parents passing. Congrats for your new Grandson, and prayers for your husband's heart surgery. Life is a road trip with lots of bumps and speed traps, but we can get by then. Give that baby a great big hug!


My prayers are with you



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