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back from vacation



went to florida for 10 days. my sister has a timeshare there and took my other sister and myself for a very nice brother has a condo in the same town and we were together with him and his wife most days. a lot of food was consumed lol; esp. ice cream. I have finally gotten the extra weight off. the weather could have been a little better, just a little chilly. however we were blamed for bringing the cold weather down from n.y. only problem was I caught a butte of a cold from sister-in-law .almost made the winter without one. now it's mid april and still have remnants of it . spring is supposed to be around the corner but we're still waiting. thankfully no snow. i'm trying to go through and discard some of the excess stuff I have esp. clothes but find energy is already drained when I awake in the morning. I eliminated 1 of the 2 muscle relaxers but the sleeping pill still seems to have lasting effects. also I think depression sets in as can no longer do all the things I used to and have to remind myself constantly to be thankful of all that I can do. no pity parties for myself.i hav a lot of blogs and discussions to catch up on. hope you're all doing well.blessings lynn


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welcome back, glad you had great time with your family in florida. Cold has power to drag you down emotionally, though don't let it win over you. remember happiness is a choice so on down days show those down thoughts who is the boss & choose happy thoughts.



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Was it the ice cream that made the weight come off in Florida????? I think most areas of the country still got a little cold weather even here in central Texas today! Welcome back and hope your weather changes to Spring soon!

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The 80's are suppose to arrive here next week for sure without the rain. Oh what a relief as I go in the VA hospital for eye surgery to remove, correct or get my cataract problem under control in my left eye first. The other eye later on at some point.


Getting Old is not fun as much of your body and some parts want to take a rest break just when we want to go, go, and go some more! I remember when I could do it all night, now it takes me all night to do it once! Who says we aren't missing out on natural pleasures at home?? I think I need a vacation Lynn?

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i think the weight came off because when i got home i cut out the junk food and my cold was still kicking my butt.i burned a lot of calories coughing.

my prayers will be with you for surgery blessings lynn

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