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Farewell to Dr. Maya Angelou



My heart was a little heavy last week, the death of Dr. Maya Angelou. She was fill of wisdom, talked about love and doing right. Her poem about


"Phenomenal Women", I wrote it down, and loved to say it remembering all the caregivers on this site and how they are "Phenomental Women"


Another poem "Just do right, never go wrong by doing what you truly believe in".


Dr. Angelou, you will be missed, but God needed an angel, so he called you.




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Another one I remember is something like "you did what you thought was best at the time". I try to remember that when I get "that guilty feeling".



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Vyonne :


I loved her one line do better when you know better. I loved her that line to be very forgiving, and inspiring




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You know, I followed her writings while in college in Germany during the 70's at that time we were still going to the library for all our research papers! We seem to always have something to write about and being in the Army I never had time to really research articles I needed to find!!


I had many of her writings at one time but like everything else "I had" it can't be found now, Oh well!!! It seems this time there were three that passed in the same age range, the 86's and that reminds me we never know when our time is up on this earth because all three was in good health???


May they all rest in peace!!!

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