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I got a health care worker…..



The son and his wife will continue through the summer to come up every other week… But i actually got a lady i have worked with in the past…. clean, smart, consciences, hard working and happy for the job…. dan so far has taken to her. she does speech cards with him, and has a degree in music and so the repitition of it all is fine with her..Piano teacher , so she knows…. she loves a clean house .. and is loving our view.. and i can rest easy ( well as easy as one "dares" around Dan ) .. She knows our story, and was happy for the call.. Just two days prior to my call , she had "decided" to return to work, as she had retired. But was bored and had a few expenses so the timing was excellent for both of us… Beth was here and did a lot of interpreting.. and our speech guy before he leaves is going to train her even more …. well, it is what it is… this i can do… long road, lots of twists…. as long as we don't hit the ditch i am satisfied… happy is still a bit beyond reach !!!.


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Oh Nancy: that is such great news, especially since you know her and Dan is comfortable with her. I do pray the transition will go smoothly but really can't think of a better plan. Kudos honey - right place, right time - nothing like it. Debbie

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Sounds good Nancy, a care worker you are comfortable with who will be right for Dan too. It is hard to find that balance but with good will on both sides it should work. You've done a brilliant job so far and with work to stretch you as well you should be able to build up your confidence as well.

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Trust is such a big issue , and since i worked with her in the past at my PT DD job , i already "know" who she is deep inside… despite all the tough clients her and i worked with she did her level best and didn't participate in a lot of gossip or "work" politics… and since she is the only non family employee so to speak, there isn't much in the way of politics..lol, her voice from years of singing is a bit strong for dan , but she picked up on his cues pretty quick… they seemed to have gotten along fine and dan was one tired boy tonite ( mentally) … he worked really hard for both of them…. she will set up and order meds for us, and knows a bit about IV's from her own ailments in life… she is not old , but no spring chicken… this job will be good for her as well, i am so thankful i thought of her….. but her 4 yr or maybe even a masters in music is really gonna play in … the speech guy wants to start melonic speech with him, and see where that goes.. I guess accept what will be will. ( note to self)…..

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I told her once a day vacuum and dan will be her best friend. LOL for those of you who know Dan .. AKA Mr. Clean ….

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That is all good news Nancy. You seem to always come up with a solution. Your new employer will be lucky to get you.


Take care and best wishes in your new job,



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It sounds wonderful Nancy, good for Dan, You and the care giver. I am so please that you have found a person with common sence, and wants to work! Wow , some one with the same values ! Nancy good for you and Dan.



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Dan was jerk today to me , about her… but i held firm and the speech guy did to and now he seems more at peace …. god i hope so - i love the new job , so far.. and i am catching on - still technology challenged but all the other stuff is falling into place… as far as work goes…. Dan of course throws the biggest wrench he can find ( figuratively speaking) nancyl

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