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I took a tumble today-- ouch



I take the dog tag out for his morning runs usually daily. He enjoys it , i enjoy it and he gets exercise and i get a little exercise ..lol today we ran into a snafoo… i was biking along and a rv door opened up and out came another dog. I slammed on my brakes a bit to hard and did sorta a end over end side ways tumble … i only road dashed my hand and seem no worse for wear. the RV family was so scared and apologetic , but as i explained to them neither dog had a issue - they smelled each other and then ignored each other, - it was my own over reaction that set the tumble in play… and it makes for a good story - right colleen-.?

I am still working on the speech issue for Dan - me give up , yah right …. I don't mind a good "fight".. it is what it is…, but if i can improve anything for anyone - i usually do… unless i forget, my memory is terrible…

dog sitting for the neighbor will end today at about 1130 - the dog will be so happy to go home , i can't wait to see the dog run to her family….

The kids bought me and dan for mothers and fathers day a robot vacuum… wow - i think i am gonna love that thing…

The job is going well, at least I think so , i hope the "boss" is thinking so to….

the health care worker is doing what she can , dan being dan -- but i think it will go full circle.. at the very least he has a truce - to which she stays in her area and he stays in his… which is his bed… but wild horses can't make or take dan in or out of a bed…

Thats about it for today / this week… i do so love being able to plot out or life - hopefully others can benefit from the aspect of been there , done that…. as i have from so many others… nancyl


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I'm glad you were not seriously hurt Nancy. Your story reminded me of our PT a couple years ago who was running with her dog. The leash got caught up around her and she tumbled and broke her wrist. It seemed strange to see a PT injured. Be careful with your rides.


Good luck with your ever ending challenges.



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got a few bruises - took a wile to feel them , my hand , knee and top of my foot road dashed.. my shoulder bruised and my back thigh has one heck of a lump coming, and of course my "aching" back …. but it is part of being alive… and i have so much fun running the dog. he just rests his head in my lap and looks at me with sad puppy eyes till i take him…. so cute… maybe a trip to the chiro - then back on to life...

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Nancy :


I am so glad it was not major & you just scrapped & bruised your ego. Hopefully you will be back in saddle in a week.



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Good to hear from you Nancy sorry about the fall on your bike. I do the going with my little dog but on my scooter using the sidewalk mostly until we get to a driveway that is blocked with parked cars and trucks across the sidewalk in their driveway!!!


All the best to Dan and his continued recovery as with my own recovery it is slow at best but I enjoy life with my wife I got now that was so long coming my way!!!!

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Hi Nancy, please that you are okay, and puppy doing fine. A visit to the chiro sounds like a good idea. Take care my dear.



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Yes, any injury always manifests the day after - a simple scrape is not so simple the next day. The garage door lever fell off in my hand on Friday. The electric garage door opener is in my car, which is in the garage. I took the lever off, the other side fell off but the latch still held. Ripped the heck out of my right fingers holding the latch out of the lock and trying to pull open the door. Wrapped a tissue around the bleeds until I could get the damn door open and duct-taped (yes, Miss I do listen to you-LOL) open. Saturday what a different story, but a little ice and rest and things are improving.


YOU COULD HAVE BEEN IN THE ER! Ok, good, got that out. Be careful, please. You have people you are responsible for and yourself. Yes, I know it was an accident and regardless of how careful you are, and I know you are, am just so thankful you are OK and healing.


Good news that the job continues to be successful and yes Dan will do as Dan does. As long as he is safe and comfortable. Sometimes that is the best anyone can do. But Nancy, you sound as if you are getting acceptance with all this and that makes my heart sing. Rock on Baby - well, baby steps for a while, please. Keep us updated. Hugs, Debbie

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