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Back Home....Tired To The Bone!!



Well, my little dog and close friend got a little tired but at my age I got a whole lot tired stopping and looking at so much old Texas items I found at various places!! We did not run into any problems at any of the stops we made to view or see things close up!! My little Princess had a good time hoping out the car and onto my scooter which she loves to ride anyway!! If it moves she is on it sitting down ready to ride and go where ever I go!!


Any trip like that takes stamina and at my age I don't have it like I once did years ago!! Surprisingly, I met a lot of veterans along the way by stopping at these small places and Flee Markets that veterans owned and running the shops to make a little money and get rid of things they no longer wanted or have room to store them... I guess I could have a yard or garage sale soon to unload some things I should have gotten rid of many years ago...Somehow most people have a way of holding on to things and soon run out of space to keep them...


You know, we often wonder why we have veterans living under bridges or on the streets or in areas you wouldn't expect a veteran to be living...Many of them didn't retire with a retirement pension for years of service!! Some or perhaps many of them took a lump sum payment when they were discharged and didn't use the money wisely to secure for the future!!! Many of them are single now, no wife or parents around to help them with money and life decisions!!! Some knew nothing about going to a Veteran Medical Facility for treatments!!


A couple of them admitted to me they had money when they got out the service but made bad choices and it was gone in a flash...Some of the military items a couple of them were selling had to be stolen items because you just don't see these items on a table for sale on the street!!! I can't say a lot about items left behind in a divorce because I left some behind too and only God knows what happened to those items...When you move you loose and that's how I was able to collect a few items that were left behind and no one wanted them...


I remember my mom saying when my dad came home and said we were packing up and moving tonight that is what they did.. All she didn't gather up was left behind... That happened several times as they were migrant farm workers growing crops as they got a share of what was planted and harvested... I'm sure that was a hard life but somebody had to do it. I was her last born child in 1941 so I didn't experience any of that in my life... We were just poor people with very little when I was growing up!!


I had long conversations with a few of the vets I met who came back to live on their parents property they owned rather than sell out!!! Oh, I stopped by the cemetery where my mom and dad are buried which is on a portion of the land they owned that was awarded to them years and years ago!!!


Overall the trip was a great adventure with a little dog along for company... We made one stop where they had live pet rabbits for sale and it was my dog's first time seeing a rabbit I think she thought was a little puppy at first!!! I told the guy she had plenty stuffed animals at home she plays with daily so she was not afraid!!! She even try to catch squirrels and birds when we are on the sidewalk but they are faster than her!!! It's great exercise for her little short legs!!!


Today is D Day remembering the landing on Normandy beach 70 years ago during world war II by American forces... It's hard to think I was almost three years old at that time and had a brother in the same war!!!! Being tired today put me right in the mix with the way some of them that are still living probably feel now-a-day at their ages!!!


The good part about going through wars, strokes, and other life threatening adventures is the fact we survived to see another day or more years with our families!!! I thank God daily for that survival...


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Yes Fred, thank God for those who served, bless those who gave their lives, honor those who are still around. We need to remember that we owe them for their sacrifice and that includes aftercare. A lot of governments now are cutting back on that which is so wrong. Glad your little days out have given you a new insight into the life after the battle. We do need a memory jog from time to time.

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Fred: a wonderful and memorable trip for sure. I am so glad you did it and yes, rest for a few days. But what wonderful times just talking to your fellow Vets and being able to share their stories. And I know you, offering some guidance - LOL. Something probably a lot of them don't have.


It made me smile when you mentioned visiting your Mom and Dad's burial sites - great story that they are buried on their own land. It is good to reflect on where we came from, where we got our values.


Rest up honey. Hydrate and take some time off. Thank you for sharing. Absolutely a wonderful trip. Debbie

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Once again, another great blog post that I throughly enjoyed reading! I am so happy for you and your fun times and exciting adventures! I maybe missed it somewhere, but I have to ask, what kind of dog gets to share in your travels? I have a jack russell terrier that I love dearly and she loves to travel in our van. Keep writing your blogs!

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Fred thank you and your fellow Vets, for giving so much that we can enjoy the freedom that you fought for! I do not like seeing how we have forgotten them. it is a shame and something needs to be done. I know you enjoy talking to them and they talking to you. Like you said, many came back with problems, and drink, drugs and broken marriages happen, and the ones who got money no help with handling the money! So sad!


Please that you got to travel, see where your parents are buried on they own land. Good for them, and you got great values we all can see that.


Get lots of rest.



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