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well, after gentle prodding by lin, and enjoying other's bios i have FINALLY joined the "bio family" i hate to admit it, but if it wasn't for southernlady ( cbramsey's wife liz) and hostmichael, i would have NEVER FIGURED OUT HOW TO GET THE PICS TO DO WHATEVER THINGY IT IS THEY DO SO YOU CAN POST THEM. THEN I POSTED TWICE AND LIN HAD TO BAIL ME OUT. yikes.gif



computer science is NOT MY FORTE' !!!!!!!!!!! LOL




anyway, i have goofed off long enough and HAVE GOT TO DO SOME WORK!!!!!!!!

maybe in a couple of years i'll have this site figured out!!!!! thanks liz, michael, and lin for your help. love ya'll!!!!!!!!!





kim gleam.gif


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Guest lwisman


Congrats on posting your bio. You did it! Here's hoping you start a trend!

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I am glad to pass along the picture to liz for her to fix so I could pass it back to kim so she could pass it.


Oh heck, I was glad to be a small link in the chain.


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