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MYSTERY MAN?????????????????



i didn't realize my comment about the "mystery man" of my dreams would generate the plethora of comments to pam's blog and the numerous pm's and e-mails i have received!!!!!! uuummmmm, interesting subject huh????? bouncesmile.gif



while i won't reveal his identity, he is SO nice it would cause him a world of embarrassment i'm sure, i WILL play the game with the girls of this site and give some hints. you may ask why? because it is good clean fun and we sour pusses need a laugh once in awhile!!!!!!! lol_2.giflol_2.gif




1) he is between the ages of 28-48

2) his name has seven letters in it ( i said five in error yesterday, sorry)

3) his name has an L in it

4) he is funny, sweet, and kind hearted

5) he has female friends

6) he is nice looking

7) he is a survivor

8) he has NO idea it is he we are talking about


that's it for now girls!!!





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How much money you got to keep me quiet Kim??????

I could go for a full hour full body massage at the day spa real soon..........

It is good clean fun,

Just sign me,

The Great Crispin lol_2.gif

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Just type the "L" into the membership search engine and you've got yourself several pages of looking for Kim's needle (dream guy) in the haystack. I'd look myself but he probably doesn't need another mom or grandma in his life.




Kim, don't worry. No one reads this blogs. It's a secret society that is right under everyone's noses but they aren't looking.

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I was sitting here eating a bunch of candy with M&M printed on help me think....and I figured out your mystery man as I was looking through the L's in the members list. So, I'll need one of those checks you're sending to Cinder if you want me to keep my mouth shout.



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well i must say kim u have somin going her for you ladies to play with lol

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Ok, here's a question to pin it down....


Is he bigger than a bread box?





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bigger than a bread box lol omg michael i think they must b speaking of michael

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Michael doesn't fit. He's married. So he doesn't qualify. Too bad, so sad.


I figured it out too! How fun is this, except for maybe poor you Kim who gave out too much information!! You're probably better off chucking the blankity blank you're with and going for Mr. L. anyway. Opinions...Opinions.............


Thanks for making this so much fun Kim. lol_2.gif






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very creative how you got your inspiration with the candy without "giving it away" lol". i am going to re-post this on the off topic place in CASE the "candy man" doesn't read blogs. lol





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Are you sure you really want to do that, put it on the message board? If you want him to read it, you can just send him the link. It's awlfully public out there..........





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ok ladies:


I admit I am brunette blonde of the group, I don't know who is this guy, but can somebody please tell me who is he, cause suspense is killing me, I feel bad that how come I missed good looking hunk



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Too much info Kim. I want my cheque in sterling please laugh.gif


This has been going on for some time? yes? cloud9.gifblush.gif


Good luck to you if thats what you want

Take care


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